10 Storage Solutions For Your Nursery

10 storage solutions for your nursery

Selecting the best nursery storage solutions is the secret to a beautifully illustrated, calm space for you and your baby. You can use it to display cute toys and photos and hide the not-so-pretty baby must-haves, like nappies and breast pads.

Our guide will help you enjoy the peacefulness of a neatly arranged nursery while you can – let’s be honest, you’ve only got six months, max, until he or she is actively pulling it out all over the nursery floor… on repeat.


Almost every child’s room or nursery has some sort of basket for extra throws, toys or even their extra clothes which can’t fit into their wardrobe.

Peg rails and hooks

Pegs and hooks are great for hanging your child’s outfits and can also be used as a display area to hang clothes or even toys too. Hanging hooks behind your child’s nursery door is great for their bags and coats.

Chest of drawers

A set of chest drawers is also great for hiding and storing away piles of baby clothes and muslins especially when you are showing guests a house tour and don’t want them to see the extra baby clothes out.

We suggest allocating each drawer to each item, for example, tops, socks, bottoms, jumpers, cardigans etc.


Wardrobes are great for neatly dangling all the small clothes but one tip is to make as much use of the space as possible.

Wardrobes are also great for hanging seasonal clothes like coats and jackets.


Bookshelves are also great for when you want to read your little one a bedtime story before bed to improve their cognitive ability and understanding too.

Also, they look great for storing extra books which you might have bought for when your child gets older for them to read and play with.

Hanger dividers

New parents tend to stock up on numerous sizes of baby clothes, and with good cause. Children grow fast in the first year, and it’s so much easier to have the next size up on hand than to have to go rummaging for it in a container somewhere when they randomly bust out of their current size.

Nappy storage station on wheels

Parenthood is a lot easier when you just move with it. Although changing nappies ‘round the clock is pretty much a full-time job, in those first several months, an intellectual hack is to use a bar, craft, or coffee cart as a portable nappy station that can be dragged around the baby’s room, into your room, and so on.

As the baby grows, you can repurpose the cart for toys, books, art supplies, or whatever he or she needs at a given stage!

Decorate wall space

When decorating your little one’s nursery, don’t forget the walls can serve as useful, attractive storage space. This blogger used a variety of hooks and shelves to hang hats, clothing, and other bits and bobs that will come in handy as the baby grows and her needs change.

Also, you can use the walls to put up photoshoots and pictures of your little one growing within their ages as memories and moments to look at when they grow up.

Stuffy swing for nursery storage

You might be shocked at how many toy animals are gifted to your baby in the months before and after your child’s arrival. While they’re lovely, the unsubstantial volume can be overwhelming. Avoid over-stuffed nets and baskets with a cute swing, looks aesthetically engaging as well as cute and no more toys laying around the nursery.

Shoe hanger

This innovative nursery storage resolution allows you to keep all the essentials within your reach—and out of your baby’s! The openings are the perfect size for outfits, washcloths, nappies, and tons of other baby needs.

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