10 ways to Upgrade and Freshen up your Bedroom this Summer

10 ways to Upgrade and Freshen up your Bedroom this Summer

1. Declutter

This summer, get rid of unnecessary junk that has piled up over the year. Leave anything that has sentimental or practical value- if you don’t use it, get rid of it! if you have collectable items, old ornaments, or broken furniture then declutter them.

Even winter items that you want to keep but only use in the winter, such as additional thick blankets, comforters, and warmer clothes should be packed away and stored somewhere in your house. Ensure any unneeded stuff is stored away, thrown away or donated!

2. Freshen up the sheets

When it comes to updating your bedroom, one of the best things to do is clean up the sheets and mattress. A good clean and change of bedding are great to do regularly anyway, but if you have bedding that has summer patterns such as florals, warm yellow stripes, azure blue pillows, and bedding, then go for it! Anything that evokes summer feelings and expression should be used to really brighten up and freshen the room up.

3. Change Duvet

Switch the duvet to a summer, thin one so you don’t boil. You should have two sets of duvets: one thick one to keep you warm in the winter, and one thin one to keep you cool in the hot summer. Even keep a thin summer sheet if the thin duvet is too hot for you so that you can change it when needed.

Make it your annual routine to switch your duvets so your body temperature is regulated throughout the night to ensure deep and restful sleep.

Those beads of perspiration that dot your skin and pool your sheets are no more!

4. Summery pillows

Along with changing up the sheets, duvets, and blankets, you should get some summery pillows. This could mean buying some new throw pillows with bright designs and pastel colours which can really freshen up and update the bedroom in the decorative sense. Throw pillows should be replaced every six months anyway, so they are great for changing up the style and refreshing up the quality and fluffiness. There’s nothing like the fresh smell and look of pillows and sheets!

You could even purchase a new pillow for your head support, as throw pillows are primarily for decorative purposes. You could get a special pillow for the summer, a ‘cooling pillow’, to keep you cool in your sleep and fresh. Cooling pillows wick away sweat and have special regulating fabrics to prevent overheating so you can get a better night’s rest.

5. Change the drapes

Take off those heavy curtains that usually keep the draft away and provide maximum privacy in the winter and replace it with something that is for summer! This could be sheer curtains, roman blinds, linen, and cotton curtains. You can get any pattern and style suitable for the summer!

Get lighter coloured curtains as they reflect heat, keeping your cooler during an uncomfortably hot night allowing better sleep rest.

6. Add some plants

Some fresh houseplants are another way to update and liven up your bedroom. Some earthy touches here and there can give your bedroom spots of green and colour that conjures up the perfect image of summer. Try to get fresh plants or flowers, not artificial ones, as they can really transform your room to look more brighter, seasonal, they help purify the air, relieve stress, and cleanse/filter the environment from toxic and unhealthy gases.

7. Spread art on the walls

Your bedroom is the perfect canvas to unleash creativity and your inner artist. Spread art on the walls of your favourite pictures you have photographed or bought from the store. Anything that is bright, happy, and summer-like.

8. Let in the natural light

It’s not summer without the sun. so let in natural light, as much as you can. Holing up in your bedroom in a cave-like way is not the visual we aspire for summertime, but instead we want to draw open the curtains and let the sun rays shine and illuminate right through the room. Not only is natural sunlight healthy for your mind and body, but help your plants grow too! So, open the windows, blinds, and curtains- you’ll see how it can transform the look of your bedroom!

9. Summer fragrances

Summer sprays, candles, incense, essential oils, and scented potpourri bowls filled with dried potpourri are excellent to get the smell of summer wafting through your bedroom.

Not only are they exquisitely aromatic but are aesthetically and visually beautiful. Get any summer scents, such as lavender, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, lime, a sunny tropical guava, or fruit-scented smell, ocean, and floral scents. Anything that reminds you of summer!

10. Summer display

Lastly, create a little summer display. You can get a nice glass tray, or a solid-coloured tray, and try to corral everything today. For example, place a bowl of potpourri, a potted plant, and a candle inside it. You could get a golden hexagonal tray and place incense sticks, an essential oil diffuser that creates aromatic mist and a picture frame! This will help arrange your summer items in a organised, minimalized and led cluttered way.

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