4 reasons why you should avoid working from your bed

 In a time when working from home is more and more common you might be wondering exactly where you are going to set up in your home to work. A lot of people prefer working from home than in the office due to convenience and most importantly comfort. For some the morning routine looks like this - Wake up, leave the bed, fresh up, get back into bed, open laptop and start work. If your morning routine looks like this and you have been constantly working from your bed or sofa bed in the spare room, read on for some important facts on why this may not be the best way to go about your WFH journey.  

Here are 4 reasons why you should avoid working in your bed:

1. You won't be as productive 

Working from bed reduces your sleep quality, which can have a negative impact on job productivity, vitality, and overall quality of life.

When you use your bed as an office, you're physically and figuratively bringing your job to bed. Although this may seem harmless, it can have an effect on your level of productivity as you will likely find it difficult to motivate yourself to do your work, especially when you are relaxed while lounging on your memory foam mattress and under your covers for a long period of time. When this becomes a cycle it is easy to never feel totally productive especially if you find yourself giving in to tired eyelids and napping when you should be working. 

2. It can have an impact on your mental health 

Staying in bed all day can, regrettably, lead to negative mental states which also has an impact on productivity. Depression and anxiety are other possible adverse effects of working in bed for lengthy periods of time, according to Dr Giuseppe ( A health expert). A lack of regularity and physicality throughout your day might make you feel sluggish, unmotivated, and exhausted. Due to a lack of stimulation, this might result in mental health difficulties such as poor emotions, anxiety, and depression.

Extra tip:

One thing that can help with this is to try to obtain as much sunlight as possible to help you feel better. Also, include frequent workout breaks in your schedule to keep you physically and psychologically engaged. Perhaps you can take a short brisk walk around your area and listen to a podcast or music to prepare for the rest of your working day.

3. It can lead to physical problems 

Keeping your laptop in bed for extended periods of time might potentially cause health problems. Stiffness and soreness might result from a lack of activity during the day, for example, you may struggle with aches and pains in your neck because of a lack of back support. Dr. Velikova (a doctor and medical advisor) notes that "You can't work for lengthy periods of time slouched or in uncomfortable poses… To minimise any health difficulties that might further impair your productivity, it's always ideal to work while sitting in a chair."

4. It can affect your ability to sleep later on 

It's best to keep your sleeping and working settings completely separated so that you can fully benefit from both sides of your life. If you mix the two, your brain will be confused at bedtime, making it more difficult to sleep. Lina Velikova, a doctor and medical counsellor at Supplements 101, adds: “When you start working from your bed, it will become increasingly difficult to fall asleep since your brain will be primed for work every time you lay in bed. Lack of sleep is one valid reason to quit working from your bed because fatigue might lower your productivity.”

So instead of working from your bed why not invest some time into a separate workspace if possible, even it is small it will be better for you in the long run.  This means that you can also invest some time into making your sleeping area the best that it can be. There are many things that you can do, such as upgrading to a new hybrid mattress or an upholstered ottoman bed that will be sure to make the sleep portion of your day amazing - so that you can wake up refreshed for another working day.

We hope this blog provided you with some more insight into working from a your bed at home. Make sure to check out our other blogs for more inspiration!

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