6 bedroom office ideas for the best working environment

Since the pandemic, many of us have had to change the way we have worked, especially as many of us start to work from home. However, despite the convenience of this option it can be hard to stay productive and to have the most effective shift. Following this change in daily life, you may choose to use your spare room or main bedroom as a makeshift office. With the help of a pull out sofa bed and lots of other tools, there are many ways to make sure that you can have the best day.


1. Add a screen or a room divider

Firstly establish where it is you want to work. Once you have done this consider hanging a cheap sheet or shower curtain from hooks on the ceiling or walls. This is to make sure you keep your workstation apart from the rest of the room. When you do this you also make it clear to others who are in the house that although you are in the same room or next door to them, you are still at work, and require some privacy. 

2. Find the best spot and construct a tiny desk, stand, or table

Place it in a corner of your bedroom where it will be easy to close off from the rest of the space. Make sure the table is at a comfortable height for you to work at without slouching. Your hands should be at a lower level than your elbows when using a laptop or keyboard. Make sure to use a stable table chair such as an ergonomic chair that will support you throughout the day. Some people also choose to work from their bed using a bed stand however if you know that when you rest on your hybrid mattress and sink back into your cushions you will likely fall asleep instead of doing work it may be better to leave your bed and follow this step instead!


3. Put some plants on your work desk or shelf 

Plants have been proved to boost our attention, concentration, and productivity, so adding one or two tiny plants to your desk can make you feel better while also increasing your productivity. They're also wonderful for purifying the air and removing pollutants and odours.


4. Organise and declutter your space

Reduce the amount of stressful clutter in your home. By keeping your desk clutter-free, you save time instead of desperately hunting for things that you need.  Cluttered workstations have been linked to anxiety, lack of attention, and procrastination in several studies. If you're not used to being organised you can come up with a system that works for you to keep your desk free of clutter. This system can be an allocated desk cleaning time which can be once a day or every other hour - whatever will help you keep focused throughout the day. 

5. Use natural light

Overall performance, attention span, contentment, and general health have all been found to increase when exposed to natural light. Make sure the blinds or curtains are open and that enough natural light can enter your bedroom office when you're setting it up for your day.

6. Stay away from distractions.

Working from home, especially if you don't live alone, might provide a number of challenges. Set yourself boundaries and build a routine to help you avoid this. For example, make sure your phone's personal alerts are turned off, inform your housemates of your working hours, and schedule breaks away from your workstation.

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