6 reasons why a sofa bed is way better than a sofa

As our lives continue to change, there is an increase in a need for functionality in our homes, especially as families grow and as people make more conscious choices of what type of home items they buy. Day after day people scour the internet for tips and hacks for how to utilise space in a small home and one way you can do this is by purchasing a sofa bed.

Sofa beds are a mixture of sofa and bed and it can be interchanged throughout the day. Many people buy a sofa bed in place of a sofa for this very reason. Although it has negative connotations of the bed that creaks and gives you a bad back there are many reasons why it can be the best choice for you, especially if you have a smaller space. Read on for a few of these reasons that we are sure will convince you to get a sofa bed instead of a plain sofa!

1. Sofa beds are just as comfortable to sit on as a sofa

If you are worried about reduced comfort from a sofa bed, you do not need to worry as they can be just as comfy. One may to make sure that you get a comfy choice is to shop for a sofa bed as you would for a normal sofa. Make sure to inspect the frame and fillings for both the quality of manufacture and  whether it is compatible with what you are looking for in your sofa bed. 

Look out for these filings:

  • Foam- for a firmer, smarter-looking seat
  • Fibre - for gentle support
  • Plump feathers - or a soft, squashy looking sofa

Despite this sofa beds can be a little more firmer than sofas so choosing one with a mix of softer cushion types – such as fibre seat cushions and feather back cushions – will provide the ideal balance to provide you more comfort. In terms of the frame, search for a couch bed with a fastened and glued wooden frame.

2. Sofa beds are just as nice to look at as sofas are 

Gone are the days when sofa beds were lumpy, hefty pieces of furniture. Many modern sofa beds are just as stylish as their non-bed couch counterparts. With this in mind you can be sure you will have your visitors talking about your living room or guest room for the right reasons - with many colours and styles you are bound to find a sofa bed that fits with the aesthetic and style you are going for.


3. Sofa beds come in many different sizes and shapes

In the past sofa beds were known to be two seaters which was not the most desirable especially if you require more seating. As new designs have arisen you can now find sofa beds which can sit 2 people, 3 people, love seats, bed in a box styles and also L shaped ones - all of which can provide both the style and functionality that you need depending on your preference. You can also choose to have pull out sofa beds without arms, which is a fantastic space - saving idea as it will provide you with more room space.


4. Sofa beds can have functional features 

One worry tat you may have with a sofa bed is wondering where you will store all of your extra bedding as you would do with an ottoman bed or bed with drawers. The good news is that a lot of sofa beds include concealed storage where you can keep bedding or household items that you don't have a home for. Some sofa beds also have pull-out tables for food and drink which means you can lounge in style!


5. Sofa beds can be used instead of a blow up bed

Whilst a couch bed isn't as inexpensive as a blow-up bed or a fold-out bed, having one as a useable sofa as well as a sleeping space means that you will not need to store a guest bed in a cupboard or attic. This means this space that may be put to better use, perhaps to store more items that can make your sofa bed more cozy, which you can read about here.

6. Sofa beds can be used by everyone - not just guests 

If you live in a one-bedroom home, having an extra sleeping place can be useful not just for guests that come to visit, but also for those living in the house. For example if a couple is staying together and one person falls ill or doesn't want to disturb the other person coming home late, they can quickly jump on a sofa bed. With this they can still get a good nights sleep which would be much more difficult on a plain sofa.

We hope this post has given you more reasons to get that sofa bed on your wish list. Do you need more advice on sofa beds? You can read more here, on the Furnitureful blog!

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