A Guide To Getting The Minimalistic Bathroom You Want

by Dylan Bowen June 15, 2022 2 min read

A guide To getting the minimalistic bathroom you want

There’s no secret to getting the ideal bathroom of your dreams. It’s as simple as one word. Minimalistic. You’ve gotta go minimalistic with your bathroom spaces, with the right lighting, and some neutral colours for your bathroom will leave it the perfect sanctuary for doing your business.

Simple Is Safe

The bathroom is a pretty high-traffic room in any household, at some point, someone is going to use it one way or another. Clutter and mess are bound to accumulate in a space used so frequently, and trying to maintain a relaxing feel can be quite a challenge. The easiest way to keep things de-cluttered is to only keep the products you frequently use on hand.

Get ‘Storage Smart’

Bathroom storage isn’t the most complex of things, a towel rack, a couple of baskets, and some wall-mounted shelves are all you need to store everything you’ll need whilst keeping the overall setup neat and minimalistic. One of the main benefits of this kind of scaling-back is how much easier the entire space is to clean.

Soften Up The Colours

You can achieve a clean and flawless vibe to your bathroom without just making everything a starch clinical white. Many people have found comfort and style in bringing nature back into their bathrooms, adding more wooded surfaces and plants to decorate the place whilst staying true to that minimalist styling. Spaces like this can be just as open and welcoming as your typical stark-white interior.

Brighten The Day

Provide yourself with a glow-up during the morning routine. Pairing up some soft wall lights on either side of your mirror gives the room a relaxed feel that you really need to ease yourself into the day. And for when it’s time to treat yourself to the luxury spa day, a few candles spread around the bathtub can really do the trick.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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