A Guide To Purchasing A Cot, Moses Basket Or Cot-Bed

A guide to purchasing a cot, Moses basket, or cot-bed

Babies spend so much time sleeping! So, it is important that your newborn, infant, or toddler is sleeping comfortably and that the sleeping arrangement is the best option for you! You’ll find that when it comes to sleeping arrangements for your baby, it can be quite a stressful task. From Moses baskets to cots and cot beds, it can all be a bit confusing. So, here is a guide to help you learn more about purchasing a Moses basket, cots, and cot beds.

Moses basket

Perfect for newborns, the traditional Moses baskets are a great sleeping option for your baby!

Moses baskets can be used from birth to around 3-4 months. They are great as they seem to fit the miniature size of a newborn perfectly, which is why parents opt for this rather than a cot which can make the baby look lost inside it!

Moses baskets are also portable, so they can be moved where you like- upstairs, next to your bed, in the living room etc.

Due to their small size, Moses baskets also don't take a lot of space. So if you're going for a beautiful, traditional, portable and space-efficient type of bed for your baby- Moses basket it is! The only issue is that your baby will grow out of it after 3-4 months.

Cots and Cot Beds

Most new parents have the cot in their bedroom for the first year, if you are one of them then you should be buying a cot that fits beside your bed.

Babies tend to outgrow a cot in about 2 years. So you should take into consideration and invest in a convertible cot. The cot will be rearranged into a smaller bed unit for your toddler. These cot beds can be used for a lot of years.

Before purchasing the cot to see if it’s baby-proof, you need to consider how deep your cot is. It should be at a suitable height so your child doesn't fall off while trying to climb out of the cot as their safety is very important.

You should also consider buying cots that don't have sharp edges. You don’t want any space between the mattress and the cot, your baby will end up getting hurt if they crawl in their cot.

When you purchase a cot you also need to take into consideration that you don’t want to buy a cheap cot as your baby’s growth is very important and spending a little bit extra will make your purchase go a long way.

Get the bedding

Mattress, waterproof mattress cover sheets, blankets!

Dress up the bed with the essentials: sheets and blankets to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Babes that are under 1 year do not need pillows and duvets because they can be too hot for them, and pose a risk of suffocation.

Use a firm mattress that fits in the cot- one that doesn't shuffle or leaves gaps in the cot, you’ll need a waterproof cover for the mattress, sheets over the mattress and mattress waterproof cover. You should also have multiple sheets to keep the baby's sleep-space hygienic - at least 4 - so they can be changed regularly.

After you have purchased sheets and blankets, wrap the baby up in light blankets below the baby’s shoulder level to create a warm, snuggly and comfortable cocoon for them- a close resemblance of the mother's arms/wombs to help soothe them into sleep. You can also get a sleeping bag for the baby instead, which also does the same thing and is safe to use!

Assure that you use light blankets as they are warm but won't cause overheating. They are breathable, warm and lightweight for them!

Lastly, add the final adorable finish by adding a cot mobile!

Placement of bed

Assure that you place the bed for your baby somewhere that is close to you! This is so you can meet your baby’s needs, ensure that the baby's safety, and easily move the baby during the night and day.

Baby nests

We have talked about Moses baskets, cots and cot beds, bedding and placement…. But one key and great invention made for baby safety is baby nests! We want our babies to be safe, we also want to be able to navigate life watching your favourite programmes and yet keep the baby always at arm's reach.

Baby nests are amazing as they can be placed inside the cot and outside of the cot- they are very portable!

You can place them inside a cot, a single or double bed which protects babies from rolling away in the cot functions as a cost reducer, and keeps them sleeping on their back which is great for reducing the chance of suffocation.

You can also use your baby nest outside the cot when you're doing chores in the house, watching TV, and cooking. This makes doing these day-to-day activities so much easier as you can place the baby nest wherever you need to watch them: the sofa, the floor, downstairs, the kitchen, upstairs etc… Not only that, but you can take them outside too on walks, and some baby nests can fit inside a baby's pram!

It's important to note that you should never leave your child in a baby nest without your supervision as there is a severe danger of suffocation.

But having said that, baby nests are great if you use them properly and safely. You should always keep an eye on your baby.

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