A 'twin' bed or a 'single' bed? - Confusing bed terminology deconstructed

Are you interested in a twin bed or a single bed? Or perhaps you fancy a full bed or a double bed? And yet, you might be wondering what’s the difference? Well, that’s the thing - there is no difference. It’s easy to drown amongst all the numerous bed size-related terminology out there and yet there is nothing to fear - here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to deconstruct as many such terms as we possibly can to help make your search for the perfect bed a little bit easier. So, without ado, let’s get right into it.

Bed sizes

The first place you're likely to trip up is figuring out which bed size is which. Below we’ve highlighted different beds as well as any names they’re referred to.

The Single Bed

Aka the twin bed with a length of 190cm and a width of 90cm. This bed size is commonly aimed at young children and single people who require a lot less space. While both terms are acceptable, you’ll most likely see this bed referred to simply as a single. Check out Furnitureful’s very own single grey upholstered Ottoman bed here to get an idea of how affordable and suitable this bed may just be for you.

The Small Double

Also called a ‘Queen’ or a ‘Three Quarter’ this bed comes in at a length of 190 cm and a width of 120cm, making it perfectly spacious for one or a tight squeeze for two. If you prefer having a bit more room as a couple we’d recommend the next bed which is the popular double size bed.

The Double Bed

Yes, you guessed it, this also has another name too. The ‘full’ bed. One of the most popular bed sizes for couples, neither too small nor too big for most, this bed comes in at a comfortable length of 190cm and a width of 135cm. You’ll want to purchase a bed that can feel comfortable and be suitable for your bedroom - the double is that bed for many people. To help you see that this bed can be a great fit for you have a look at our double Ottoman storage bed in a beautiful grey upholstery. You’re sure to fall in love. 

The King Size

Last (but certainly not least!) is the king size bed, aka the California king size. One of the largest sizes on the market, this bed has a length of 200cm and a width of 150cm, a staggering size for any single person or couple. One thing’s for sure - you’ll never complain about a lack of bed space ever again with this bed!

We hope with this blog we’ve given you some valuable insights into the world of bed sizes and their varying terminologies. Buying a bed can be a daunting experience, however, at Furnitureful we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and our ability to get you fantastic beds for less.

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