All you need to know about bunk beds

All you need to know about Bunk Beds

What are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are a popular type of bed where you see two beds stacked on top of each other, thereby only taking up the room of one in a bedroom. This style of bed is especially popular for families with multiple children or those who lack bedroom space.

What are the most common types of bunk beds out there? What are their pros and cons?

Here, we’ll study two of the most common bunk beds known as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Standard bunk bed

The standard bunk bed is the classic design of one bed over another.

A connecting ladder gives access to the top bunk, and it is a practical and affordable option in comparison to some larger beds or the triple bunk bed (a bunk bed of three beds).


  • Can be cheaper than buying two individual single beds
  • Ideal for saving space or if you have limited room space
  • Can be great for allowing children/teenagers’ friends and family to comfortably stay over if one of the bunks is spare
  • Sharing a room allows children to learn important life lessons like sharing and courtesy


  • Safety can be a huge worry for parents due to fears that their children may fall off the top bunk – ensure you invest in a bunk bed with a guard rail
  • Many children may not feel comfortable in such a bed and experience claustrophobia; therefore, we encourage parents to allow younger children to use the bottom bunks and older children, who can also climb the ladder more easily, the top bunk

Storage bunk bed

In addition to the standard bunk bed, storage bunk beds also have drawers at the bottom, maximizing the use of space even more efficiently than traditional bunk beds. Some bunk beds have cupboard spaces which contain shelves that allow for easy classification of personal items like books, toys and ornaments.

 Furthermore, the bunk bed is not the only bed that offers a storage option. Check out our fantastic alternative to the storage bunk bed – the Ottoman storage bed, available with next day delivery when ordered before 4pm.


  • Better use of space than the standard bunk bed – ideal for when you have more siblings or more clutter!
  • Like the standard bed it can help make children more independent as they learn the value of sorting, organising and tidying up after themselves


  • Assembling a bunk bed that has storage drawers and closets that need to be sorted out can be labour intensive and stressful
  • Cleaning and maintaining the bunk bed can become more difficult because there are the added drawers to clean on top of washing sheets and dusting the bunk bed down

Are bunk beds expensive compared to other bed types?

Depending on the materials used, bunk beds can be a lot pricier because you are essentially paying for two beds. It might be best to buy just a bunk bed frame with few added features to help save money and build parts of it yourself with added customization.

You can give your kids’ bed that magical touch without breaking the bank.

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