Air Mattress Vs Camping Cot

Air mattress vs camping cot

Cots are durable, easy to line up, and they get you off the ground!

For others, air mattresses are the sole thanks to going. Air mattresses provide adjustable firmness, and they’re more versatile for families.

We’ll admit, we’re fans of cots for many situations, but that doesn’t mean air mattresses don't have any place. Below we’ll dive into this ageless debate and allow you to be the ultimate judge. By the time we’re through, you ought to know precisely which one you wish on your next outdoor adventure!

A camping cot called a cot within the UK could be a weightless bed made with a robust material like nylon or canvas stretched over a folding steel or aluminium frame that keeps you upgraded off the bottom. it's plenty sort of a sun lounger that you simply lie on at the pool.

A mattress, on the opposite hand, is an inflatable mattress with no frame that's inflated by employing a pump that may be operated by hand, foot, battery or electricity, while some are pumpless and self-inflating. The most effective air mattresses range from one to two-person and may be anywhere from three to nine inches thick.

Air mattress vs camping cot comfortability

Clearly, if you’re reading this, you’re considering first and foremost comfort. Though that's always a private factor, overall, a mattress feels the foremost like sleeping on your bed, and even with one, you'll often sleep within the same place you'd reception. Additionally, you'll adjust the extent of inflation for a softer or firmer mattress and a few even include in-built coils to enhance comfort.

Camping cots keep you entirely off the bottom, which many folks would argue could be a point for comfort, and thus keep you warmer. However, the fabric is kind of taut, making it very firm, and therefore the weight of your body may cause it to drop a touch within the middle, causing it to be harder to roll over and less comfortable for stomach sleepers. Some campers place a camping pad on top of their cot to extend comfort.

Air mattress vs cot weight

When it involves weight, clearly a camping cot will weigh more with its steel or aluminium frame, and they often weigh between 15 and 20 lbs while a mattress will usually weigh 10lbs. That said, you'll even have to consider the load of the pump along with your mattress, and since both of those items are only appropriate for car camping and not backpacking, we’re unsure you actually must lose any lodging.

Air mattress vs cot durability

Even though the standard of the merchandise you purchase and the way you treat it'll play into its durability, we feel reasonably confident in saying that a camping cot will last longer. Materials like canvas and aluminium are sturdy, and also the metal part is typically rust-proof. There are hinges and coils that may break over time but are rough if you’re taking excellent care of them.

Meanwhile, there’s always the potential of rips, punctures and broken valves with a mattress, and naturally, they won’t last as long and therefore the plastic material will degrade faster. Definitely check your mattress before you hit the road and always travel along with your mattress repair kit!

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