Are bed bugs common?

Are bed bugs common?

Yes, bed bugs are common, they are small insects that live in tiny areas of our homes, they are hard to spot but when found they are even harder to get rid of. There are some steps to take to get rid of them, for example 

  • Cleaning your house regularly
  • Wash and dry bed sheets, curtains and clothing in hot temperatures.
  • Using chemical products to help kill them. 
  • Avoid bringing in second-hand furniture.

Signs of bed bugs:

  • Bites in areas such as the neck, face, arms and legs 
  • Spots on your bed, either from the bed bugs hitting you, or you squashing the bed bugs.
  • Small brown spots on beds Or furniture.

How to treat beg hug bites:

  • Avoid scratching and getting an infection 
  • Keep the area clean 
  • Put on a cool damp cloth

How to get rid of bed bugs:

  • Contact a pest control specialist 
  • Wash and dry  bed sheets and clothes in high temperatures 
  • Put affected clothes and sheets in a plastic bag 
  • Clean and vacuum regularly

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