Are bed bugs in the UK?

Are bed bugs in the UK?

Yes, bed bugs live in the UK. They are considered a common pest in the UK in the latest years because the number of people travelling internationally has increased. 

Where do bed bugs come from? 

The origin of bed bugs dates back hundreds of years, back when our ancestors lived in caves. The bugs originally were parasites that used bats to feed on their blood and lived with them inside caves. Then people came into the caves and then they started drinking human blood making them their perfect host. With time, people came out of the cave and moved so bed bugs attached themselves and moved too. 

Where do bed bugs live? 

Highly populated areas are also very common with bed bugs. They are very common in the UK, especially in recent years because the number of people travelling internationally has increased. Bed bugs thrive in Spring, Summer and early Autumn. They prefer dark places so you won’t see them or notice them so they're not out in the open in the daytime. 

Where do bed bugs go?

If you live in a block of flats, this increases your chances of getting bed bugs in your home if one flat has them already. They can travel from flat to flat. 

Another way they can turn up in your home is if they are brought inside. Also another way is if a friend or a family member brings them to your home if they were in an infested place before that. Bed bugs can also be brought into your home after your vacation or work trip. Bed bugs can also enter your home if you purchased second hand furniture.

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