Are bedroom aesthetics important for your room?

We all know at least one person in our lives who just doesn’t have any sense when it comes to creating a functioning but fashionable layout for their home or bedroom (it could even be you!). It's easy to just get bombarded with advice. Someone says you need to remove this pillow, another person says that you should add this wall decoration… it can all easily become too much. Well, here at Furnitureful we truly do understand how there is so much information out there and that you may feel tired just at the thought of having to sift through it in order to find bedroom inspo. Therefore, we’ve decided to create this blog on bedrooms and bedroom aesthetics to help you see what you really need to prioritise when it comes to styling up your bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What does bedroom aesthetics mean?

Bedroom aesthetics is a broad way to describe the way someone styles their room. The key to really owning your bedroom is having an aesthetic that really screams your personality. For example, if you're a fan of bright colours you might emblazon your room with a variety of reds and yellow. However, it is generally characterised by styles that cover muted colours (like pale pinks), trendy lights like fairy lights and greenery (such as fake vines and ivy) hanging from your walls.

Some bedroom ideas that you could take upon yourself:

  1. An accent wall against your more neutral tones

If you feel like your bedroom is becoming a tad too white and too bland why not try to spice things up with an accent wall. This is where one wall is a different, usually more brighter coloured wall so that there is a beautiful contrast in your bedroom.

  1. Plant paradise

Why not liven things up with a potted plant or two? It’s well known that the colour green is a soothing colour for most people and having a little bit of nature in your home will help make your bedroom an oasis of peace.

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