Are Bunk Beds Secure For Children

Are bunk beds secure for children?

Are you looking for a bunk bed for your children’s room?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Children enjoy having bunk beds for sleepovers and they are great fun for your children too. However, some parents choose to buy specific types due to limited space and it’s the best way to have two children in one bedroom which is affordable and convenient, particularly if you have children who prefer to sleep in the same room as each other.

Now the question is are they secure and safe enough for children to sleep in?

Well, the answer is yes, mostly if they have been passed under safety checks and if your child is over the age of six due to health and safety.

Regulations related to bunk beds in the UK

Bunk beds that are sold in the UK should conform to these regulations: BS/EN 747:2012+A1. These current safety guidelines require it to be made with strong construction and have no sharp edges or corners that might hurt children.

The most important safety rules for parents to keep in mind when it comes to the safety of the bunk beds are to ensure you follow the instructions on assembly exactly as it is. Don’t let your children use it as a climbing frame, and consider putting a rug underneath for extra security too. According to RoSPA (2022), “Most accidents involving bunk beds occur when children are playing on them. Children should be encouraged not to play on bunk beds.” Child safety - RoSPA.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had related to safety, and I expect you to check out our range of products for your needs.

To read more about guidelines regarding the safety of your children’s bunk beds visit: Child safety - RoSPA

3 reasons to buy a bunk bed with mattresses already included:

Hassle-free shopping – This means that everything you need will arrive together and at the same time, so it saves you time finding and researching a bunk bed for your child with a mattress.

Save money – Most of the time, you’re conserving money buying everything all together as a bundle, instead of picking the bunk bed and then the mattress separately.

Save time – You’ll be saving time searching for and comparing different mattresses, and attempting to find a cheap mattress suitable for your child’s needs.

When you buy the mattress and bunk bed together, you’ll be getting the right mattress size and depth that’s compatible with your bunk bed model. You won’t have to deal with returning the wrong products either or having to measure your bunk bed and then find a mattress to fit.

Now, our recommendations of bunk beds for your child, regardless of if they’re a girl or a boy and your budget we have some amazing options.

Argos Home Mason Black Metal Bunk Bed & 2 Kids Mattresses

This Argos metal bunk bed with 2 kid’s mattresses is our first recommendation as it is very practical, smart and affordable too. This bunk bed is made of metal and has metal slats for your child’s mattress to be placed upon.

The Argos metal bunk bed comes in three assorted colours: black, silver and white. This children’s bunk bed also is not too expensive as it is only £340.00, which is a great price for a children’s bunk bed with 2 medium-firm mattresses too.

The mattresses for your child’s bunk bed are foam-free and have open coils with 192 springs. The mattresses are also, easy to care for without you having to turn them after a few months. Also, the bunk bed mattresses are gentle and supportive and have anti-allergy knit covers.

To buy this kid’s bunk bed with 2 mattresses visit: (“Buy Argos Home Mason Metal Bunk Bed & 2 Kids Mattresses - Black | Kids ...”)

Another recommendation of a great bunk bed for children is this Wayfair children’s bunk bed. This bed is contemporary and looks great in any child’s bedroom. This bed is made of pinewood and has a durable structure. This Wayfair bunk bed is available in two assorted colours, dove grey and stone white.

It also comes with two premier mattresses which are both 18cm thick and both offer great support and comfortability, allowing your child to have great sleep throughout the night.

To purchase now visit: Mack + Milo Scoggins Single (3') Solid Wood Standard Bunk Bed by Mack + Milo & Reviews |, also, another great thing about this bunk bed is that it is only £469.99. Although you do have the option to purchase the bunk bed without the mattress, which is only £329.00 and you also, have the option to purchase the bunk bed frame with expert assembly and 3 years protection plan too, but this is optional, not compulsory.

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