Are Cot Mobiles A Clever Idea?

Are cot mobiles a clever idea?

Decorating the nursery is one of the most pleasant parts of preparing for your new baby. Deciding upon a design for the bedroom of your child is both fun and exciting and when you start to decorate you don’t want to stop.

Whether your new baby will sleep in their own nursery from day one, or in a cot in your room, you can add some comforting styles to their cot to make their time in it cosy, safe, and interesting.

Cot mobiles are not only decorating touches to baby nurseries though. During the time that babies spend in their cot awake, this is where a cot mobile comes in handy as it can keep them busy.

Did you know that a baby mobile can help stimulate a baby's development? Yes, it can help stimulate a baby’s cognitive development.

In fact, a baby mobile can often be placed above the baby’s head in either a cot or pushchair.

There are many methods that adding a cot mobile to your baby’s cot can help keep them busy and stimulate their brain and physical development, plus some the great advantages.

To read reviews on the best cot mobiles to buy visit: 10 Best Cot Mobiles in 2022 (Reviews) - Toddler Review

There are many benefits of a baby mobile. For example, a cot mobile provides visual stimulation, helps a child’s motor skill development, promotes a good night's sleep for your child, and prevents boredom.

Visual eye stimulation

From an incredibly early age, babies start to process what they see around them whether it is their parents, family members or even toys.

Baby mobiles hang over a baby’s cot with various toys connected. There are many on the market these days that are available to match most nursery designs.

Baby cot mobiles might include hanging toys such as animals and flowers amongst other decorative objects.

Some mobiles are fixed whilst others could alternate and even play soothing music to your baby when turned on. The music might play continuously or on a timer.

Motor skill development

When a baby is looking up at their mobile, they are observing how it turns and moves and follows the movement with their eyes.

While a baby is looking up to their cot mobile, a baby can also, start to develop hand-eye coordination while looking at the objects.

As your baby develops and their movement develops, they will start to reach for the objects on the cot mobile, and this will help them understand their sense of touch and colours too.

Their gross and fine motor skills will improve over time, as they watch, explore and have fun.

It’s recommended to raise or remove the mobile when babies are able to sit up themselves to prevent any accidents from happening.


A baby cot mobile plays soothing lullabies or even white noise, which can help your baby relax and help them fall asleep quick.

As you are developing a consistent bedtime routine for your baby, a baby mobile might help you get your child to sleep.

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