Are Desk Bikes Effective?

Are desk bikes effective?

What is a desk bike?

Desk bikes, or under-desk cycles, are bikes with pedals that you can slide under your desk and use whilst you are working. Under-desk bikes can help to keep your blood flowing and can also help you to burn calories while you work, watch tv or at any time during the day.

Why would you need an under-desk bike?

Desk jobs put our brains to work but require very limited physical movement. Spending 8 hours hunched over a computer in an office chair can be bad for your health. There are many downfalls of sitting down for extended periods of time and these include:

  • Limiting blood flow which is necessary to support various organs and bodily functions.
  • It can cause aches and pains
  • It can make you gain weight
  • It increases the risk of diabetes
  • An extended period of sitting can make you lethargic and lazy

Do desk bikes actually work?

Desk bikes do actually work though that may be hard to believe. They may seem like a gimmick or a toy and the cheaper ones do tend to be like that but the good quality under bike chairs can make a real difference. The benefits of an under-desk cycle include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Burning extra calories
  • Strengthening your legs and core muscles

Are under-desk cycles effective?

Under-desk bikes obviously don’t match the same intensity as a spin bike or upright cycle bike would, though the mechanics are still the same. This means you will experience real benefits but just at a much slower rate. It doesn’t matter what bike you decide to purchase whether that be the under-desk bike or a combined desk bike, both will do the same job and that is to get you moving. The goal of an under-desk bike isn’t to help you burn calories but to help you move more when you are sitting too much.

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