Are Desk Jobs The Best?

Are desk jobs the best?

Desk jobs are subject some people love them and some people hate them. Which of these sounds the most like you? I’m this blog we are going to look at what people who work at desks think of their job and what people who have non-desk jobs think of their profession.

What non-desk workers think of their profession:

Every job has its good points and non-desk workers have their reasons for why they love their jobs. These are some of the reasons why non-desk workers love their jobs.

  • Able to stay more physically active
  • Variety in the workday
  • Not being sat in front of a computer the whole day
  • More flexibility
  • Not needing to dress up for work
  • Not having to deal with office politics

Though there are positives to every job, there are also negatives. As well as asking non-desk workers what they liked about their jobs we also asked them what they didn’t like and these are some of the things they said.

  • Exhausted from being on their feet all day
  • Prone to increased injuries and illnesses
  • Less recognition for efforts
  • Fewer chances of upward mobility
  • Fewer face-to-face interactions with managers and co workers

What desk workers think of their profession:

If you are someone who is looking into or interested in a desk job then keep these perks regarding desk jobs in consideration as they can help you to decide if this is the profession you would like to go into.

  • Having access to the internet and technology
  • The job isn’t physically demanding
  • Provides you with a routine
  • Ability to communicate with peers and colleagues easily
  • Allows you to build closer relations with company leaders and colleagues
  • Ability to be aware of the new developments in the company

We also asked desk workers what they didn’t enjoy about their job and this is what they had to say.

  • Not enough physical activity
  • In front of the computer for most of the day
  • Indoors most of the day
  • Same work every day, not enough variety
  • Increased disruptions from peers

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