Are Double Beds And Full Size Beds The Same?

Are double bed and full size beds the same?

The terms double bed and full size bed are interchangeable and both mean exactly the same thing. The dimensions for both double bed and full size bed are 54 inches in width by 75 inches in length. If you are enquiring about a double or full size mattress they are also the same thing not just the bed frames are the same. Though double beds and full beds seem as though they are designed for two people they are in fact more made for single people. Though, double beds or full size beds can fit two people it can be cramped.

The term full size bed became well known and increased in popularity in the 1870s when American manufacturers made comparable the size of double beds. Single beds became known as twin beds and double beds became known as full beds but both names were interchangeable.

What is a double bed?

Double beds were mostly purchased by couples before queen and long size beds were introduced to the market this is because the double bed was the largest size of bed at the time. If you are sharing your double bed with a partner then each person is only receiving 27 inches in width by 75 inches in length this amount of space is usually not enough for a person to have a comfortable sleep.

What is a full size mattress?

A full size mattress is the same as a double bed like I said they are interchangeable. Full beds are usually used in college dorms or student accommodation. They are also a great size for studio apartments or smaller bedrooms where there is a limited amount of space. A full bed is ideal for a room that is 10 feet in length and 10 feet in width, whilst keeping in consideration the space other pieces of furniture are going to take up too. It’s recommended to have at least 2 or 3 feet of space on all sides of the bed to make it a comfortable fit for the room.

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