Are gas lift beds comfortable?

Are gas lift beds comfortable?

A lot of beds are brought each year and when people buy beds a common factor that is sort after is storage, as the living spaces get smaller the urgency for extra storage has never been higher. Having a practical bed that serves as a bed and somewhere you can storage something can come in extremely useful and practical to anyone who is in need for a good quality bed that offers storage and if you are then a gas lift bed with storage may be just the right bed for you. The constant need to invent new ways to increase storage space and avoid clutter is no longer needed with this space saving bed. 

What is a gas lift bed?

A gas lift bed is also sometimes known as ottoman gas lift storage bed, a gas lift bed uses two gas pistols on either side of the ottoman bed. They make a gas like sound, releasing air as you manoeuvre your ottoman bed up and down. This allows you to lift and close the gas lift bed with storage with ease. 

What are the advantages of a gas lift bed?

There are many perks to buying a gas lift bed, the maximum utilisation of space is something that the ottoman gas lift storage bed has to offer, with its perfect out of sight storage compartments that allow for you to storage whatever you want without having to see the clutter. A gas lift bed allows for you to lift your mattress with the upmost ease, eliminating the risks of your back hurting from lifting a heavy mattress without any assistance, not only does it lift your mattresses for you, but it also holds it up for you whilst you make full use of your gas lift bed storage. 

Not only are gas lift beds a multipurpose bed but it can also take your bedrooms aesthetics to levels you haven’t seen yet. With this type of bed there are a variety of different designs, style, and sizes to pick from all suiting you, the sizes range from single – super king size beds. You can easily find a gas lift bed that suits your aesthetic whether you have a bedroom with a more modern look, or a bohemian look or a traditional look you will be able to find a gas lift bed that suits your already existing bedroom or future bedroom décor and ideas. This bed options allows for you to opt out of excessive drawers inside of your bed that sometimes aren’t that aesthetically pleasing to look at as the storage compartments are visible to the eye when looking at the bed. 

Are there any cons?

With all that being said this bed does come with some cons, albeit very few cons there still are some that I will go over. The ottoman gas lift bed is not an affordable bed, it is on the rather pricier side in comparison to a standard bed. Nonetheless, you are paying for the price of something that is durable, that will past the test of time, that is beyond comfortable, allows for saving space in the bedroom and is tailored to your taste and desire when it comes to what your bed should look like and the experiences that it will bring you. Additionally, because of how heavy the bed is it may be difficult to move, so if you are someone that likes to arrange their bedroom layout often or likes to move your bed often this may come up as a frequent problem for you so perhaps it may be best to look at other bed options as the constant moving of an ottoman gas lift bed might cause you to have back pains. Occasionally after a few years of using somethings it may become loose such as the lift mechanisms, the hinges or the track roller make come loose if they are not used correctly or haven’t been maintained correctly.

Nevertheless, the advantages overrule the small minor disadvantages so I would recommend this bed to someone that is looking for something that is durable, stylish, innovative and overall, a great investment into your bedroom, freeing up any extra space where you would usually use as a place for storing your extra bit, you can now use that space for something to help elevate your bedroom instead of allowing that clutter to ruin the ambiance of your bedroom. 

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