Are King Size Bed Frames Big?

Are king size bed frames big?

What is a king size bed frame?

A king size bed frame is designed with the objective of holding a king size mattress. A king size mattress measures around 150cm wide and 190cm long, though these are the measurements of a king size mattress. A king size bed frame can have slightly different measurements depending on if the bed frame has a headboard, footboard, or anything else that would add additional measurements.

Who needs king size bed frames?

King size bed frames are perfect for growing families and couples or even people who just prefer some additional space whilst they sleep. A king size bed is perfect for those families whose children love to crawl into their bed with their parents during the night, as it is very spacious and everyone will fit comfortably without feeling cramped.

What to think about when buying a king size bed frame?

When purchasing a standard king size bed you should be aware that there will be an additional few inches added to the measurements of the bed because of the headboard and footboard and even the side rails. If you rather purchase a more decorative and fancier such a king size bed with floating platforms, sleigh beds or beds with shelves then you will need additional bedroom space as king size beds take up a lot of floor space.

After you have made the decision that you want a king size mattress, you will then need to measure the space in your bedroom to see which king size bed frame will be the best fit for your available space. The recommended bedroom space for a king size bed is typically 12ft by 12ft. You will also have to consider how much space you will have left in your bedroom after you have added the rest of your furniture, such as your wardrobe and your bedside tables, too.

You will also have to look at your budget to see what style of king size bed you can afford whether that be a more standard king size bed or a slightly fancier king size bed. You should also add the pride of a box spring or foundation if you aren’t purchasing a king size platform bed.

Types of king size beds:

Split King – A split king mattress is an amazing mattress for couples who also like to have their own space whilst sleeping next to each other.

California king – A California king mattress is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer in measurement than a standard king size mattress is.

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