Are King Size Beds Square?

Are king size beds square?

King size beds are not square. This is because all four sides of the king size bed are not the same. The length of the bed must be longer than the width of the bed to ensure that a person can lay on top of the king size bed fully stretched out.

If you want a king size bed that is shaped like a square for whatever the reason may be, you can get the king size bed custom made and it may cost you more than a regular-shaped king size bed since a square king size bed is not made normally.

Also, there is the issue of there not being a square size mattress out there since the mattresses are the same as the bed as well. The mattress would have to be custom-made as well and since they are not made normally you might be charged more than a normal mattress would have cost you.

If you want a square shaped bed only, do it if you really need it. This is because a square shaped bed would cost a lot more than a regular mattress since they are easily produced and manufactured so they are naturally going to be cheaper.

The closest bed frame that could potentially be shaped like a square is a baby size bed frame. That way it would not cost nearly as much and it would be simpler to find, but even then, it may not be shaped perfectly like a square.

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