Are Mattress Protectors Waterproof?

Are mattress protectors waterproof?

Not all mattress protectors are waterproof. Specifically, the older mattress protectors. Modern mattress protectors are waterproof though. Waterproof mattress protectors as the name would say prevents water damage to the mattress. Also, the mattress protectors help against allergens like dust bites and bedbugs. Waterproof mattress protectors protect against multiple fluids not just water. For example, sweat, pee for when a kid wets the bed and juice just to mention a few. Waterproof mattress protectors can be washed in a washing machine.

What makes a mattress pad waterproof?

Within the mattress protectors there is a waterproof vinyl that is put in between the layers of fabric so the fluid does not make it all the way to the mattress.


  • Stops mattress from becoming wet and damp so it does not damage the mattress over time. 
  • Protects the mattress from potential allergens.
  • More durable than a normal mattress protector. 


  • The mattress protector will eventually wear out and tear apart from constant usage and washing. 

Are waterproof mattress protectors breathable?

This depends on the quality of the mattress protector. The best mattress protectors are breathable, this is because of the material they are made from. For a mattress protector to be breathable they must be made from a material called polyurethane. This material allows you to not become hot and sweaty letting you sleep better in your bed.

Should you wash mattress protectors before using?

You should wash the mattress protector before using. The reason being is that especially for the first time there would still be odours from the packaging and production stages of the mattress protector. If the mattress protector is not clean, it will make your mattress dirty and leave bad odours on it. So, to be on the safe side you should wash your mattress protectors before using them. 

How often should you replace your mattress protector?

You should replace it every 1 to 2 years. This is to make sure that you are not using a mattress cover that has lost it’s quality or has been used to much and started to show signs of tearing and holes in the mattress cover are showing.

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