Are Memory Foam Pillows Good For Side Sleepers?

Are memory foam pillows good for side sleepers?

Side sleeper as anyone that sleeps on a bed you would often think if the pillow that you are using is best for you as that isn’t an easy task, as I’m going to be mentioning today about the best pillows in the UK. As you would know the struggle of sleeping on one side, as you could wake up with a sore neck and numb arms. The real struggle would be finding out which is the ideal pillow for a person or even for yourself.

Panda memory foam bamboo pillows

which are highly durable and highly breathable memory foam pillows, that people should consider being the best pillows for side sleepers in the UK. This pillow is well designed to support the neck in any sleeping position especially on the side, removing any neck pain. The memory foam conforms to your body shape and heat while the bamboo cover makes sure that the pillow stays fresh and doesn’t retain moisture and bacteria.


  • Medium firmness for the optimal spine, head, and neck support o High-quality memory foam pillow
  • Machine washable covers


  • Can be prone to retaining some heat but not too much
  • The smell of the pillow might not be likeable to some people, but it dissipates after a while
  • Some might think the pillow is too small for its price

Snuggle down goose feather & down white pillow

This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers as this will provide the support that will keep your head in the proper position relative to the spine while sleeping. A blend of 85% goose feather and 15% goose down is used in the filling. It is even suitable for hot sleepers you can wash this down pillow for side sleepers in the washing machine and use the dryer afterwards.


Suitable for side sleepers who want a perfect spinal alignment 230 thread count organic cotton cover

One of the best down pillows the UK market has to offer.


It may is not super comfortable for stomach sleepers

Not for sleepers who suffer from allergies or asthma-related problems It may be too soft for some sleepers

Wool room natural British wool pillow

This pillow isn’t suitable for hot sleepers or summer because it is filled with organic wool, the wool is a natural material that regulates temperature and removes moisture. You also have a cover that is made from breathable cotton, which will keep it cool, and the wool can transport moisture away, keeping you comfortable all the time.


High-quality wool filling

Machine washable cotton cover

An adjustable pillow - suitable for back sleepers and spinal alignment


It may is not suitable for stomach sleepers

Off-gassing during the first few weeks

Not durable as some other products in the same category.

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