Are Ottoman Beds A Good Idea?

Are ottoman beds a good idea?

What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a bed that has a built-in storage system. To access the hidden storage compartment, you will need to lift the bed base using the gas lift hydraulics, and once you have done that you will see a large storage compartment that was tucked away underneath the bed base.

What is the purpose of an ottoman bed?

The main purpose of an ottoman bed is to provide a large amount of storage, the amount of storage space you have also depends on the size of the ottoman bed, whether it is single, double or king. Many people purchase the ottoman bed over divan or drawer beds because they provide more storage space as you can use the whole underneath of the bed rather than just a few drawers. This is what makes them extremely appealing and has made them grow in popularity in recent years, every day more and more ottoman beds are being bought and sold.

What are the advantages of an ottoman bed?

The first advantage of ottoman beds is that they are very versatile as they can be used in a range of different bedrooms regardless of their size. This is because to access the storage compartment in an ottoman bed you will need to lift it from the foot of the bed and the whole bed base will lift which makes it perfect as it won’t be difficult to get to. Whereas a divan or a drawer bed may be challenging to use in a smaller bedroom as it might be difficult to open and close the drawers depending on the space. Also, a lot of people buy ottoman beds over any other storage style of bed because of the sheer amount of storage you receive, you can use the whole length and width of the base of the bed to store anything you may like, which is perfect for larger, bulkier items.

Ottoman beds are also compatible with a large range of mattresses which is ideal as you won’t need to purchase a brand-new mattress to fit your ottoman bed as most mattresses will fit on the bed base. The base of the ottoman bed can also affect how firm the mattress is whether the base is slatted or hardtop.

Ottoman beds are also very strong and sturdy, especially because the whole base of the bed is created for storage. Beds that have storage compartments are generally more durable beds as they will need to be able to handle the weight of the storage items and the mattress.

Which type of ottoman bed is best?

All ottoman beds have the same gas lift hydraulics system to lift the base of the bed, all ottoman beds are foot end beds, but there are two variations full ottoman beds or side ottoman beds.

Full ottoman beds offer the whole base of the bed as storage space and give the most amount of storage possible if you are considering buying a storage bed. There are also half storage beds, but these beds are like drawer beds and only have a few drawers as storage space.

The side ottoman beds are more suited to individuals who have smaller bedrooms, who have cramped space and can only access one side. As these beds are accessed from the side it its entirely your choice which side you want to access the storage space from which makes it perfect as you can customise it depending on what fits your bedroom.

Overall, there is no better ottoman bed, both beds are good and the best bed for you depends on the size of your bedroom as then you can determine which bed will fit and be most suited to the amount of space you have available.

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