Are Standing Desks A Good Idea?

Are standing desks a good idea?

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk or a stand-up desk is a desk designed for writing, reading drawing whilst standing up comfortably. The modern versions of the adjustable desk are adjustable, they allow you to change the height so you can choose whether you want to use the desk sitting or standing.

Benefits of a standing desk:

Standing lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity – Even though exercise is the best way to burn calories but choosing to stand rather than sit can also have its benefits. When you compare an afternoon sitting at the desk rather than standing at the desk you burn a whole 170 calories more. That’s roughly an extra 1000 calories a week that you have burned just by standing up.

Standing desks may lower blood pressure – it is a known fact that the more your blood sugar level increases after a meal the worse it is for your health. Standing up can reduce your blood pressure around 43% compared to when you are sitting down.

Standing can lower your risk of heart disease – A study was conducted that concluded that bus drivers who stood up compared to the drivers who sat down had half the risk of heart-related diseases.

Standing desks can help to reduce back pain – Back pain is the most common pain that people suffer from and this can usually happen because of office chairs that do not provide adequate lumbar support. Standing up can help reduce this pain and even help your back feel a lot better.

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