Are Toddler Bed Rails Safe?

Are toddler bed rails safe?

Yes, they are safe but we do recommend doing your research before buying a bed rail for your child to prevent injury.

The most important thing to remember is that there is a massive difference between the rails that come attached by the manufacturer’s bed to completely safe toddler beds which you buy yourself.

Although on the other hand, portable bed rails, which you can purchase individually and might be designed for use with either children or adults.

Mobile bed rails should only be used with children ages 2-5, who can get in and out of an adult-sized bed without your help. It's also important that parents choose a bed rail specifically designed for use with children.

It is important to require that portable bed rails don’t have a gap between the bed and mattress as a child might get trapped.

The recommended age goes on to recommend that bed rails should never be used with children under 2 years old, due to the improved risk that younger children might get trapped between the rail and their bed.

What are the best bed rails for toddler beds?

Summer Infant Safety Bedrail in White | 42.5" L X 21" H, Suitable for Twin to Queen Sized Mattress & Platform Beds | Folds Down for Easy Access, Minimal Assembly : Baby Products

This is the best bed rail for toddler beds as it has easy access and is not too expensive either. The bed rail suits twin to queen-sized mattresses.

Another great recommendation is VIKARE white, Guard rail - IKEA, this is a budget rail as it doesn’t cost too much. This toddler bed rail is great for preventing your child from falling out of their bed and is easily removable too.

The best toddler bed rail which is easily fitted is BabyDan Wooden Bed Guard White | JoJo Maman Bebe. However, this is quite expensive and not at all budget-friendly.

To find more of the best toddler-friendly bed rails suitable to your child’s needs as well as your budget visit: 10 of the best toddler bed guards for 2022 UK - MadeForMums

Why are toddler bed rails needed?

Toddler bed rails are made for toddlers, with the recommended age usually 18 months to 5 years. Although, manufacturers do recommend not using a bed rail on a sleeping surface which is more than 60cm from the ground, as it will not be suitable for the top bed of a bunk.

However, we know moving your child from a cot to a toddler bed is an exciting milestone, there is no need to rush them into transitioning from one sleeping surface to another as it will cause the child harm.

Keep in mind toddler bed rails are not designed to be used for younger babies as legal guidelines suggest that children under 12 months are not suitable for toddler bed rails as they can be at risk of suffocation.

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