Are Toddler Beds Worth It?

Are toddler beds worth it?

Toddler beds are excellent thanks to helping your child transition from the crib to their bed.

They’re also a superb option for toddlers who refuse to sleep in their room or nap during the day.

Or if your infant is getting down to get too big for his or her crib. Maybe you’ve even caught them making their best impression of Spiderman while climbing over the rails.

This can’t be safe. So, where are they sleeping now? Do you have to buy a twin-size bed? Do you have to just put a baby mattress on the floor? Is there such a thing as a toddler-sized bed?

Some parents were smart enough to think about this dilemma ahead and added a convertible crib to their baby registry.

You might be looking into which route to travel for various reasons. For instance, you may have a crib that doesn’t convert to a daybed and must buy something new from the get-go.

Or maybe you've got a second child on the way who goes to require over that crib, convertible or otherwise, and it’s time to manoeuvre baby #1 to a giant boy or girl bed to arrange for the new friend.

Your choice, then, is between a toddler bed or a bed. Other options, confine mind, include a bed if you've got space and need your child to possess the additional room; or a bed, which many parents have for one child so that they can use one bunk for toys or sleepovers.

What to think about first?

First, remember that the method of transitioning into a brand new bed is exclusive for each child. Some kids are ready as early as 18 months, some don’t want to require that step until they're a few years old.

In some cases, it's to try and deal with emotional development. a baby may not be mentally ready yet to abandon the crib.

Consider how he feels, and only switch when he’s ready. Prepare him by letting him know he gets to travel in a very big boy bed, along with his own choice of sheets, stuffed animal friends, and more!

In other cases, it’s more a physical need: if the kid is extremely tall for his or her age, you would possibly not have a choice but to change.

If the kid can easily climb out of the crib or his chest reaches the highest of the rail when he stands up, it’s time to modify it even with the mattress at a rock bottom setting.

And you would like to try and do so before he has the possibility to crawl, get into the centre of the night and acquire up to some mischief.

So, the question is: do you have to go for a toddler bed the least bit or go straight to a daily one?

What age may be a toddler bed for?

There isn’t any set time after which you should replace your baby’s crib with a daily (or toddler bed). This highly depends on your child.

Some children try to escape their crib as soon as they stand. At the same time, some seem to remain content in their crib for an extended time. Some children prefer sleeping in their cribs.

Also, it looks like there’s an equal amount who hate it. So, you’ll need to judge for yourself when it's the most effective time to transition your toddler into new sleeping arrangements.

Although, most kids make the switch to a toddler bed sometime between one and a half to 3 years old.

You might be comfortable waiting until your toddler is three years old since most toddlers won’t be ready for their bed until then.

What’s the difference between a toddler bed and one bed?

A bed could be a bed. Well, yes, but there are some differences between a toddler bed and an everyday bed.

A toddler bed uses the identically sized mattress as you'd use during a crib. So, it typically has an identical footprint to a crib.

They are usually lower to the bottom in order that it’s easier for your toddler to enter and exit them safely. But, like everything in life, some exceptions break these rules.

A single (or twin-sized) bed uses a regular-sized mattress that's sufficiently big for an adult to sleep in.

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