Are Upholstered Beds Bad For Allergies?

Are upholstered beds bad for allergies?

Did you know that a staggering 44% of British adults now suffer from a minimum of one allergy and therefore the number of sufferers is on the rise?

Did you recognize that also, 59% of indoor allergy sufferers say their symptoms feel worse within the bedroom?. The dreaded house dust mite is one of the foremost common triggers for a hypersensitive reaction. and therefore the hub of those dust mites is your bed – one of their favourite places to measure.

Upholstered headboards are modern and are generally customised to fit your preferences. However, regardless of how stunning they appear, they're germ magnets.

While wooden headboards and metal headboards are often easily wiped down and sanitised, fabric headboards don’t include easy cleaning processes. Fabric tends to accumulate dust more quickly than harder surfaces, so people with allergies may find that upholstered headboards cause irritation.

Plus, anyone who’s ever controlled bedbugs knows that those pests prefer soft, plush homes like mattresses and pillows, and a cushy fabric headboard falls into that category. Should your headboard become infested with bedbugs or other insects, professional treatments are going to be necessary.

When buying headboards, consider these alternatives to upholstered versions.

Wood and metal headboards. These two materials are among the best to scrub and sanitise, making them a sensible choice for anyone who wants easy maintenance on their bedroom décor.

Leather headboards. Leather and fake leather headboards offer the luxe appeal of material headboards while also being less likely to draw in dust and vermin. Regular vacuuming to get rid of dust build-up will allow you to keep your leather headboard clean, and if stains should arise, treating the spots with gentle soap, water, and white vinegar will work.

Rattan headboards. made of woven vines, rattan may be a super stylish middle ground between a wooden headboard and a cloth version. Any sprays or solutions that you’d use to scrub a wooden headboard may also be used on rattan.

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