Are Upholstered Beds Hard To Keep Clean?

Are upholstered headboards hard to keep clean?

It may seem hard to clean an upholstered headboard as the fabric may seem hard to keep clean, however there are some steps you can do to help keep your headboard clean. For example, you can vacuum your headboard every week to ensure it is clean. You can also run a damp cloth across the headboard as often as you want. It isn't that hard to keep your upholstered headboard clean it just takes consistency.

What are upholstered headboards made from?

Most of the time upholstered headboards are made of wood and have fabric such as velvet, or leather as is wrapped around and stapled to it, some headboards can be made from a metal frame however this isn't as common as you think.

Advantages of an upholstered headboard:

Some of the advantages of an upholstered headboard is that, they protect your head, they come in different colours allowing you to choose which colour you want, they come in different fabrics so you can choose which fabric such as velvet, cotton, linen or leather. They also come in different designs and sizes so you can find a headboard that will fit against your bed perfectly and you can choose which style you want the shape of the headboard to be.

Disadvantages of an upholstered headboard:

Some of the disadvantages to an upholstered headboards is that you will have to clean it constantly, they can stain easily so if you happen to spill anything onto the headboard it may be difficult to clean up. They can have bed bugs in and you won't know, they can collect dust which isn't good for allergies.

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