Avoid these mistakes when buying Beds and Mattresses


Maybe this is your first-time buying bedroom furniture. Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro. Either way, we all make mistakes, and we want to highlight some common ones below to help you never commit them again.

Buying new furniture is a huge decision but with our list that we’ve created down below, you can be on the lookout when buying furniture so that you walk away with a smile, knowing you’ve nailed your bedtime essentials!

Make sure the Bed and Mattress are the same sizes

I can’t stress to you enough how necessary this is if you’re buying a bed and mattress that are going to go together. Otherwise, who cares? But if they are meant to be together then it's going to look a tad unusual if the mattress is a size small whilst the bed is a super king. Now that you know, make sure that you get it right the first time. And, if ordering online check the sizing that you’ve chosen at least twice.

At Furnitureful, we offer a range of bedding like this simply stunning Grey upholstered Ottoman bed with a mattress included. Looking through our products, it’ll be clear for you to see that we pride ourselves on making your shopping experience with us efficient and simple. Don’t delay, check out our products today!

Ensure that the Bed will fit your room

Right, so you’ve decided to buy a new bed. Great. Next, you need to pick a size. You study the list of sizes available and decide that the super king-size should fit. You order it. The day comes and it won’t fit through your front door, never mind the bedroom. This is a very rookie mistake to make, but don’t worry, we’ll talk you through how to avoid this problem and measure your bed.

  • Using a tape measure, calculate the length and the width of your bed
  • Search online for the beds that have the same/similar dimensions
  • Read off what bed size it is (e.g. king size bed)
  • This means that your bed is also a king-size bed

Most beds are made to the same measurements so it should be easy enough to figure out your bed size. Use this information to your advantage and ensure you only buy beds and mattresses that definitely WILL fit into your room.

Ensure you're happy with your chosen colour scheme

It’s easy to get carried away by using a thousand different colours and equally easy to leave your bedroom grey and assume it looks chic. We advocate that you follow a middle way by splashing out on two or three colours you love and sticking with those.

Ensure your bed sets the tone for the rest of your room and doesn’t clash with your wallpaper.

Make sure you study the wallpaper and choose what bed and mattress colours would suit it.

Choose comfort and good health over trends

You might be keen to splash out on the latest mattress and bed lamps that you see, however, the reality is that you need to prioritise your health over just making your bedroom look good. For example, when picking out a mattress, you should decide to pick a memory foam or latex mattress if you have back problems. If you suffer from allergens, foam and latex mattresses are better than innerspring mattresses because they are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. When buying a bed, you have to consider if buying a bigger size might be more helpful than buying a cramped, smaller bed where you have adequate space to stretch your limbs and avoid cramping or injury.

It’s more suitable to think about your requirements that need to be taken care of rather than buying a trendy mattress/bed that offers no support.

It’s understandable that some people have never shopped for their bedroom furniture before and don’t know where to begin. However, we hope we’ve made that journey to find the best bedroom furniture a little bit easier. Our aim at Furnitureful is to leave customers with fantastic furniture products at affordable prices. Click here to shop through our range of beds and mattresses now!

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