Best Beds & Additions To Compliment Your Mattress

Our best beds and additions to compliment your memory foam mattress

Ensuring you find the right bed to go with your memory foam mattress is a must. As long as your bed and mattress are the right fit, we can assure you that you’ll find something suitable to go with your mattress. The reason we’ve chosen to focus on memory foam mattresses today is because we want to present you with bed options that optimise comfort, just like this mattress.

We want to highlight Furnitureful’s fantastic bed range, so that you can see how valuable a good quality bed is to go along with your mattress.

What are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are made up memory foam and springs/support foam. Using your body heat, the mattress moulds to your body shape and over time remembers your optimal sleeping position and body shape, which is why they're called ‘memory’.

When bed-hunting it’s important to ensure that your chosen bed will fit your bedroom as well as compliment your room’s colour scheme.

 We’ll now go on to highlight our top bed picks and features that can really compliment a memory foam mattress.

Our top bed picks and features

An Ottoman Storage Bed

An Ottoman bed is a must have if you already have a memory foam mattress. Both promote the same thing: ease. Memory foam mattresses provide ease of sleep and Ottomans help make day to day storage easier by allowing you to lift them up and store your clutter underneath. In fact, why not buy them both in one go? Check out our Grey Upholstered Ottoman Storage Bed with mattress now, with free next day delivery if ordered before 4pm.

Solid Slats

All our beds come ready made with wooden slats that offer the best possible support, regardless of an individual’s needs and are included when buying a bed. Like a memory foam mattress, slats are there to ensure that the sleeper’s experience is perfect and here at Furnitureful we pride ourselves on providing top quality products for affordable prices.

We use high quality woods to ensure that our slats are providing adequate experience and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to talk you through our range of beds to find exactly what your looking for.

The Right Bed Sizes

You wouldn’t give a second thought to getting the same bed size and the same mattress size, would you? And yet, we believe there are many people who forget that the bed and mattress are going to be used together. This is why we feel the need to stress again that the mattress and bed size should be the same to ensure than you can actually sleep on it.

No point buying a king size bed if your mattress is only a single!

A Pretty Colour Scheme

Grey, blue, green, yellow, pink… beds and mattresses can come in many shades and so it’s natural to feel worried that your new bed won’t match the rest of the room. However, here is an easy list to help you choose the right colours and shades for your room

  • Does the colour match well with other colours in the room? Don’t pair up colours that might look terrible together like bright orange and mint green
  • Choose pastel shades – nothing looks classier than a bit of pastel and it can help add an air of refinement to any room.
  • Does the shade of the colour suit the room? For example, it might be difficult to pull off baby blue and navy blue in the same room (although it’s certainly not impossible!)

We hope that our best ideas for what might suit your memory foam mattress can be used by you successfully so that your bed and mattress can receive an amazing revamp!

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