Bed Cover Fabric Type

Bed cover fabric type

There are many different types of fabrics used to create bed covers, it all comes down to preference, you can also pick out the colour you want, bed covers are there to cover the bed and protect the bed

Egyptian cotton:

Egyptian cotton is very strong and soft the fabric is flexible and breathable, Egyptian cotton is considered a luxury material because of the comfort it provides. However, it is very expensive and there may be copies and knock-off versions of them being sold.


Flannel bed covers can be made from wool, cotton and other materials. Flannel is warm and inexpensive, however, they are heavy and for warm seasons only. They are not breathable meaning airflow cannot get through.


Silk bed covers can be very soft and comfortable, they are hypoallergenic and are appealing to look at. However, they are very expensive and require special care as they are very delicate.


Linen bed covers are a very strong fabric, they get more comfortable over time and they are easy to find. However, they do feel stiff when first brought. They do wrinkle easily.


Polyester bed covers are inexpensive, durable and wrinkle resistant. However, they do not absorb water and don’t have a cooling feature.

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