Bed Frame For The Elderly

Bed frame for the elderly

When it comes to the elderly, they sure do love to find comfort in the simplest things of life – especially in the things that gives them more independency and comfort. As we know, with age comes a myriad of health issues: both mental and physical issues, and it may have a great effect on their sleep too. Health is known to deteriorate with age, so how do ensure our elders are well looked after and getting the sleep they need? If you are looking for the best bed frame for elderly people, then this guide can help!


There is no doubt that adjustable bases are perfect for the elderly. These bed frames/ bases are specifically designed to bend, move, be raised, and lowered to help the sleeper be in different positions: sitting, lying down, feet elevation, head elevation, and middle section elevation - all to adjust to the needs of the sleeper. When it comes to the elderly, they can benefit from adjustable beds because they:

  • Help with mobility issues, so an elderly can come in and out of bed easily without (or with little) assistance 
  • Relives chronic pain, such as arthritis, sciatica, aching or tender joints
  • Help with painful conditions that affect all over their body and not just on part 
  • Pain relief on certain areas of the body, such as back, knees and neck
  • Help people with health conditions, such as asthma  
  • Improves circulation and help recover from mobility issues (like oedema in legs) 
  • Better night sleep, which is more comfortable and helps them fall asleep faster.
  • If they are recovering from surgery 
  • If they or their partner have snoring issues. 
  • Helps with digestion issues, helps them digest and process food more effectively.
  • Accommodating for different sleeping positions/preferences


Metal and wooden bed frames, for example, are great bed frames too because a good quality one can be supportive, sturdy and noise-free, which are all great features for the elderly. While adjustable beds are the most ideal and greatest bed frame for older people, any bed that is study and supportive can be great too.


Lastly, bed frames should be the correct height, so platform beds are also a great option too. Having the correct height assures that elderly people can be more independent getting in and out bed, also helping them if they have mobility issues too.

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