Bed Frame Is Squeaking

Bed frame is squeaking

After a long, tiresome day when you reach home and collapse on your bed with relief, the last thing you want to hear is that high-pitched squeak. It can be very annoying, and quite disturbing in your sleep, where every squeak leaves you with a frustrated sigh and an eye-opening disruption in the middle of the night. Every movement, every turn, whether you’re climbing in or out of bed, the noise seems relentless. So, the question is: why? 

Why is my bed frame squeaking?

You can check the bed frame by giving it shake and moving it around to see if your bed frame is in fact the source of the noise. If no sound is emitted, then the squeaking could possibly come from the mattress or a box spring if you have one. 

There could be many reasons why your bed frame is squeaking. 

  1.  Your bed frame needs renewing: Have you had your bed frame for too long? If you have had your bed frame too long, it could squeak. Overtime, your bed frame loses its quality and suffers from the typical ‘wear and tear’.
  2. If your bedframe is made of wood, it could have become worn out overtime, or warped because of heat or damp. 
  3. Loose screws or bolts may be causing squeaking: check if they need tightening. Bed frames, whether they are made from metal or wood, have joints that could squeak when they rub against each other. 
  4. Worn out or broken bed slats: these are bars that are connected horizontally across, where the mattress would go on top of. Whether you have solid or sprung slats, they could be the source of squeaking. 

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