Bed Frame Is Tall

Bed frame is tall

Bed height matters! Whether you have a tall bed frame or shorter bed frame it’s important to get the correct bed height for many reasons.

Is bed height important? 

Yes! Here are a few examples: 

  • Mattress stability: If your mattress is too tall, you will have to keep climbing up which can cause your mattress to shift position. This can lead to an uneven and lumpy sleeping surface as well as being plainly annoying.
  • Conveniency:  A bed frame that is too tall, may feel like you must climb a mountain to reach into- you should glide into your bed with ease, not have the inconveniency of huffing and puffing to get settled into. 
  • Age and lifestyle: If your old, have a medical condition, mobility issue or had surgery, then a tall bed or small bed will increase the difficulty of getting into and out of bed. This affects getting the fundamental bed rest and recovery.
  • Feng shui: Sally Painter, who is a Feng Shui expert, suggested that there is a correlation between bed height and sleep quality! This in return effects ‘chi’, which is the quality of mood. In Chinese culture, ‘chi’ is the energy within us: our mind, body, and spirit!
  • Mattress depth: If you have a thick mattress, you will need a shorter bed frame and for a thin mattress, a taller one. So, bed height is important as your mattress adds to a certain level of height already.


There are 3 types:

The standard bed height: approximately 24-25 inches.

High bed frame: 25-36 inches high.

Low bed frame: 18-24 inches high.


A combination of personal preference, height, age, and health is the ideal answer. For example, a taller bed frame would be better if you have chronic pain because the elevation improves mobility (getting in and out of bed) which improves bed rest and recovery.  As well as this, a taller bed frame would be better suited for a taller height, adults, and if you are preferential for storage space. Think about it, would this suit an elderly person who has a smaller height and health issues? Not really.


First sit on any edge of the bed comfortably.

Check your feet. If they are dangling off the ground, the bed is too tall. If they are touching the floor but are bending your knees, the bed is too short. Your feet should be flat against the floor.

Your knees should also be in line with your hips when sitting, not propped up higher or stretching down too low.


You can lower bed frames by removing the caster wheels. Raise the bed, unscrew the caster wheel, and take it off the bed frame.

Metal bed frames can be adjusted: lower the bed frame glides which are places on each corner and edge of the bed. You can do this with a screwdriver, adjusting the length and height by screwing or unscrewing the height glides.

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