Bed Frame Is Too Long

Bed frame is too long

Fitting a mattress in a bed frame is supposed to be a relieving and satisfying step in the setting up of a bed, as we expect the mattress to fit in smoothly like 2 pieces of a puzzle.  But what happens when your expectation has been ruined once reality has come crashing down and the bed frame is too long for the mattress, leaving a gaping hole at the top or bottom? Do not despair! If you expected your mattress to fit in your bed frame perfectly, but your bed frame is too long for your shorter mattress length, then don’t worry! That annoying gap can be fixed with some patience, investment, and creativity! 

Mattress extender

The first thing you can do is buy a mattress extender. This is a wedge-like, soft piece of cushioning foam that can fill that annoying gap between your mattress and headboard, or mattress and footboard. You can place your pillow on top of it, and voila! The gap is sealed and out of sight! The only issue is that they can be costly – but nowhere near the price if you buy a whole new mattress or bed frame instead.

Fill the space

You can use pillows, but this is not an ideal, long-term solution as it can get dirty, and not fill as well as you want.

So instead, you can fill the space by using wooden boards- measure the height of mattress and size of the headboard. Then you can try buying the correct measured size of wooden boards or get creative -and if you’re good with DIY and tools- cut wooden board pieces to the correct size yourself. Fill the gap with these wooden boards by pushing the mattress fully against the headboard. 

You can also use padding to fill the space, by adding it to the front of the headboard. If you have small gaps, then foam padding can be great to fill the gap.

Adjust headboard

Try moving the headboard or lowering it if you can.

Or, you can add padding in the headboard- the same padding material in step 2 where you can fill the gap with it. But instead, you can put the padding inside the headboard. 

So, fluff up your headboard by filling it with more padding which can thicken and shorten your bed frame. This will not only give your headboard a plumper and livelier look but fix the gap issue and stop your pillow from moving. 

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