Bed Frame To Hide Adjustable Base

Bed frame to hide adjustable base (and alternatives)

Our beds are our sanctuary, a place of necessity where we seek comfort, sleep, and rest. But our beds are not just functional, they are a key element in looking aesthetically pleasing in a bedroom. What looks good, can feel good as many would agree. We all want that magazine-looking, picture-perfect room that is glossed over magazine pages, social media posts, and pictures. If you have an adjustable bed, you may think it looks off-setting, almost incongruous with the rest of your bedroom.

Adjustable bases are amazing and packed with sleep benefits. They can be raised, lowered, and bent in multiple forms to aid sleepers to rest in different positions, help with mobility issues, health conditions, snoring and much more.

The one thing about them is that they may not be pleasing to the eye and so many people seek ways to hide their adjustable bases. So, how do you hide adjustable bases?

  1. Standalone Bed Frame

Even though this is a more expensive option, you can use a different bed frame…

Some adjustable bases can be used with a standalone bed frame, this means you can use a variety of different bed frames which hides the adjustable base. So, you can make your bed look more visually pleasing and styling, without compromising comfort or changing the adjustable bed itself.

If your adjustable bed is suitable, you may be able to use a solid platform bed to hide the adjustable base by taking off the adjustable frame's legs and using the platform bed in lieu.

  1. Bed Skirt

Option 1: use a bed skirt. A bed skirt is a decorative, piece of fabric that can hide your adjustable base by placing it between the mattress and box spring of a bed. This fabric wraps around the bottom of the base of the bed, concealing the lower section in a decorative manner.

Important note! Get a bed skirt that is designed for adjustable beds, because if you get any regular bed skirt it can get caught between the bed sections when the adjustable bed is being raised or lowered.  By getting a bed skirt designed for adjustable bases, they can offer complete coverage and function with the motion of the bed without getting caught, stuck, or stretched.

  1. Bench, Mini Sofa or Footstool.

What’s better than adding a decorative, plush piece of furniture that not only can hide your adjustable base but serve as a great, useful furniture item in your room. Having a bench or mini sofa is great and has been in fashion for a long time. You can even get one with storage space inside! You can lounge on it, flick through a book, a magazine, or your phone, or use it when changing clothes, or putting on your shoes. The list is endless!

Even though a bench, mini sofa or footstool technically only covers the front section of the bed, it shifts the focus and adds to the aesthetic.

  1. Add a Headboard

Adding a headboard won’t hide your adjustive base, but it would take eyes off the base of the bed- kind of like hiding in plain sight. So, consider pairing your bed with a decorative and attractive headboard that fits with the chic of the room. A fun, easy and cost-effective way of hiding the adjustable base away.

Adding a headboard also is great if you used a stand-alone bed frame or a solid platform bed frame as it gives the adjustable bed a more natural and complete look.

  1. Position Your Adjustable Base In Your Bedroom

Positioning your bed frame is key, as the correct placement can hide most of your adjustable bed. For example, pushing it against the wall can cover a side, and if you pair it with a bench, it can cover the front view too! This is better than leaving the bed exposed in the middle of the room.

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