Bed Frame To Use With A Box Spring

Bed frame to use with a box spring

What bed frames can be used with a box spring? Well, modern beds usually do not require a box spring as the same beneficial features that a box spring offers can be found in modern mattresses itself - severing the popularity and need of box springs in today’s time. For example, newer hybrids, memory foam or latex mattresses. Practically, all the traditional innerspring mattresses required box springs, but nowadays not anymore.

Box springs

A box spring – as the name suggests- is a box that is usually made from wood, containing springs with a fabric covering. The box spring can thereafter be placed on top of a bed frame, where a mattress can then sit on top of it.

The purpose of a box spring is to primarily support and act as a solid foundation for the mattress, along with:

  • Adding height
  • Comfort
  • To absorb shock 
  • Keeping the mattress cooler - it improves air flow.

So now that we have established the purpose of a box spring, what bed frames should be used with a box spring?

Metal bed frame

You would need to use a box spring for metal rail bed frames, to be more specific collapsible metal bed frames. This is due to the lack of support, other than the perimeter, they offer for the mattress itself. So, a box spring would be necessary to use for collapsible metal bed frame.

However, for reinforced metal bed frames, they would not need box springs because they can support the mattress with its strong metal support, preventing mattress sagging and promoting even weight distribution. So having a box spring may be pointless, as it offers the same benefits of support a box spring would have. But even though reinforced metal bed frames don’t need a box spring, you could still technically use a box spring if you desire for so – whether that be for height or the comfort – you can use a box spring. 

Platform bed (optional)

You can use a platform bed with a box spring, but this bed frame doesn’t require one. Check with the manufacture if you can, but if you really want to you can use a box spring on a platform bed to raise your bed higher, if you have trouble getting in and out of bed, or because you suffer from back pain, joint pain, hip pain. However, both solid platform bed and slatted platform beds do not require a box spring because they are sturdy and strong enough to support the mattress itself.

Can adjustable bed frames be used with a box spring?

No, box sprigs can get damaged if you use them on an adjustable bed frame. This is because, when the adjustable bed frame moves, bends, lowers or raises it will affect the coil network inside the box spring causing these stiff coils to break, snap and wind up. The box spring is not designed to bend with the motion of adjustable bases, and you will just end up damaging the box spring.

Use box spring if

It’s always sensible to check with the manufacture, retailer, or instructions of use to know if your bed frame or mattress is suitable to use with a box spring. But in general, you can use a box spring if:

  • You have a traditional innerspring mattress.
  • You have a metal bed frame rail.
  • You want to use it for platform bed frame (even though it’s not required) .
  • It’s not for an adjustable bed frame.
  • You do not have a new mattress: memory foam, hybrid, latex, or new innerspring.
  • Your mattress is sagging.
  • You have lower back problems – box springs can add support and comfort.
  • You want to increase height to your mattress, or bed frame.
  • Need a raised bed or have trouble getting in and out of bed.

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