Bed Frame Uses - Ways to Upcycle and Reuse

by Dylan Bowen April 28, 2022 3 min read

Bed frame uses - ways to upcycle and reuse

Bed frames have many uses-surprisingly enough, sleeping on them is not just the only function they can serve. If you have a spare or old bed frame at hand and you wonder how you can you use it to give it a new lease of life, then you have come to this right place. Here, we are going to go through all the uses of bed frames by upcycling them.

1. Bench 

A very popular and easy use of a bed frame is to convert it into a bench! All you need, is the headboard, side rails and slats and you can make a beautiful, sturdy, and timeless piece of furniture, perfect for your garden patio, conservatory, dining room, or somewhere special as a memorial bench. A cost effective and fun way to use a bed frame for something special. There are many different types of benches that have been upcycled from wood and metal bed frames too.

2. Interior design

The brilliant thing about wooden bed frames, and metal bed frames is that you can carve them or use them for almost anything. Most of the items around us are made of wood, metal, plastic… You can use metal bed springs as a decorative board it in your home, by hanging it against the wall and using it to hang items on. You can create a photo hanger using the metal side rails on the bed frame. Some people have even created console tables and coffee tables from a bed frame! There are so many ideas out there, can you use the wooden slats to create a small shelf for a plant? Could you build a work bench? The potential is endless!

3. Bed for your pets

Bed frames can be used to create a mini bed – out of metal or wood- for your favourite pets. Instead of purchasing one from the store, you can upcycle and create a dog bed. You won’t need the whole bed but measure the size you need and cut pieces into planks or use the slats. With some finishing touches of paint and cushions, you have yourself a lovely bed for your pet!

4. Wheelbarrow or trailer

Another great idea is to repurpose your bed frame into a wheelbarrow or trailer, where you can haul items around wherever you please. Just use the basic frame of the bed and add some wheels (bike wheels would do well enough) through either side of the narrow openings. You can add other scrap pieces to help create the wheelbarrow, or cargo trailer – some people have attached it to the back of their bike! Great for hauling heavy stones, rocks, bags and tools.

5. Flower box

Yes, you read that correctly! You can convert your entire bed frame (or use parts of it) into a raised flower box, filling it with soil and plants. You must have seen some raised garden beds – it’s just a raised wooden box which looks so simple that you can definitely make at home. So, get creative, use some tools!  If you have a wooden bed frame, try converting into a box – you can even use the metal headboard and footboard to raise the wooden box off the ground, so it is a ‘raised garden bed’. The headboard and footboard would be a solid foundation of legs to lift the box up if you place the either side.

You might think this is a strange idea, but once filled with gorgeous, bright plants it will look amazing!

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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