Bed Frame With Storage

Bed frame with storage 

We all love storage space and when you have a nice bed with storage space it’s a win-win situation and it can benefit you especially if you don’t have enough space in your room. 

Best storage beds 

  • Best overall – Happy Beds yorkie grey fabric ottoman bed: £579.99, 
  • Best for maximising space – Eve the storage bed frame: From £799, ● Best for glamour – Mirage storage bed: From £1,195, 
  • Best stylish statement piece – Made cory double bed with storage drawers: £975, 
  • Best for luxury – My Furniture Venus storage bed, chalk: From £949.99, 
  • Best king size storage bed – Button & Sprung primrose king size ottoman: £1,245, 
  • Best storage bed with drawers – Loaf tight space storage bed: £695, ● Best side opening storage bed – Dreams wilson upholstered ottoman bed frame: £499, 
  • Best divan storage bed – The Dormy House ottoman divan: £485, 
  • Best Ikea storage bed – Ikea platsa bed frame with storage: £275, 

Benefits of storage bed 

No matter how much space you have, a bed with storage could be a practical solution for your bedroom. Buying a bed with storage gives you a great opportunity to gather up all those items, which would normally clutter up your room and give you a smart and a tidy sleeping space. A bed with storage space is also a useful investment to prove that the bed can be practical and stylish. 

Cons of storage bed 

The disadvantage of storage beds is that many owners may eventually have hardware problems. Knobs, handles or hinges may eventually loosen. The track roller for the door under the bed may be damaged, causing the drawer to not fully open and close.

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