Bed Frame Without Wooden Slats

Bed frame without wooden slats

Bed frames come with wooden slats and metal slats, they both have good and bad qualities to them, they are easy to find and purchase as they are both sold at any mattress and furniture store, you can also buy them online. But to make a non biased, informative decision it is best to go in-store as you can feel and touch the bed frame and the slats and see what suits your needs. 

The Advantages of metal slats:

  • Won’t bend from the weight of the mattress 
  • More durable 
  • Don’t break as easily 
  • Offers great support 
  • Little to no maintenance is needed 

The disadvantages of metal slats;

  • Can be unstable
  • Can make noises when moving around in your sleep
  • May pull apart
  • Cannot hold much weight
  • Can rust over time 
  • Hard to recycle 

The Advantages of wooden slats:

  • Thicker than metal slats 
  • Sturdy 
  • Able to hold up heavier mattresses 
  • Less likely to pull apart 
  • Can hold a lot of weight, which allows more people to sleep in the same bed

The disadvantages of wooden slats:

  • Heavy to move 
  • Can be expensive 
  • Hard to fix, if broken

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