Bed Frames For The Simba Mattress

Bed frames for the Simba mattress

When it comes to purchasing a bed frame of your own, knowing what you’re pairing it with is more important than you might think. A bed frame is only as good as the mattress it’s supporting and vice versa. 

The Simba Hybrid mattress is renowned for its multi-layered sleeping sensation, featuring soft foams, an internal spring system and a few secret ingredients. The Simba mattress is often mentioned as being one of the best of its kind across the nation, with thousands of sleepers unanimously agreeing that the Simba Hybrid mattress provides the ultimate sleeping experience. However, even the best of the best needs its counterpart, that being a good bed frame.

Luckily enough Simba has their own specific bed base bundle that most are prompted to buy, the entire thing includes a king-sized Simba mattress and bed base alongside a pair of their speciality pillows and of course a duvet. All of which are perfectly crafted to provide the ideal sleeping experience, especially when used in tandem with one another. The bundle can be found here.

The Simba bed base itself is an upholstered base, utilising its own personal slat system. Coated in a linen-feeling fabric, it’s soft to the touch and grants immense pressure relief whilst also offering its own unique support. Featuring tool-free assembly, you can have it up or down in just 10 short minutes.

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