Bed Frames That Cats Can Play Under

Bed frames that cats can play under

Having a pet cat is not easy, they scratch furniture, bite, claw and look for the most curious places to play and hide inside. This can be anywhere, such as the top of the refrigerator, a widow perch or even vases in your home! If you have a cat, you probably have realised how much they love your bed! Sometimes even curling at the bottom, prowling under and around the bed…so what bed frames can you get for both human use and cats?

  1. Metal bed frames: Metal bed frames are great for cats, as they offer a lot of space under the bed: some have under storage space of around 13.5 inches. This gives your cat a lot of play space, hiding and sleeping space too. Metal is a brilliant material for cats too, as you won’t have to worry about them scratching the bed frame and ruining it. As well as this, metal is a strong, sturdy, and durable material so you are well supported and would have invested in a high-quality bed frame.
  1. Wooden bed frames: Wooden bed frames are another type of bed frame that is cat friendly. This bed frame allows cats to play under as it has lots of under bed space for them. This bed is similar to the structure of a metal bed frame but is just a different material – wood. Cats are less likely to have urges to scratch wooden bed frames, like metal frames, so the wood is safe from scratch marks. Wood is sturdy, solid, and durable too; it's longer lasting than even metal.
  1. Gatrimonial Bed frame- You may not have heard of this type of bed frame, but this bed frame is a unique and very pricy bed frame. Designed by a studio called CatLife, who specifically invented a frame for cats to play under. It is a maze-like labyrinth that consists of many cut out holes that the cat can come in and come out of. This secret play area is hidden beneath your mattress! A unique invention indeed. To the plain eye, it looks like any other bed but is actually a very creative and multi-purpose bed for you and your cat.

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