Bed glossary

Maybe when you first went online to do some bed shopping you were easily overwhelmed by all the facts and products bombarded at you. Well, you certainly wouldn’t be the only one. In this day and age where there’s a new term for absolutely everything so it’s easy to get lost over whether it’s a sprung edge base you need or whether a firm edge base is the one for you. You might not have even heard of these terms, even when you’ve been looking for the right bed for months. But the reality is that you may need to know these and therefore, here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to cover some of the most obscure or difficult bed related terminology out there so that by the end of this you’ll be a bed-buying pro!

Bed slats

Bed slats sit inside a bed frame and are a series of wooden bars that lie across the frame. They are typically made from a strong wood like pine or oak so that they leave consumers with a firm but comfortable sleeping experience.

Bed topper

A bed topper’s main purpose is to sit atop of the mattress to provide an extra layer of comfort, especially if you own a mattress which is in poor condition.

Divan bed

A divan bed is a type of bed whose bed base is made to the same measurement as the mattress that will sit on top of it. The base is usually crafted from wood and upholstered in fabric. This type of bed will leave you with a minimalist and clean looking bed and bedroom.

Firm edge base

This refers to a bed base which has a solid wooden frame surrounding the springs in the middle.


This refers to a type of product which reduces your risk of having a skin reaction to it.

Sprung edge base

Unlike the firm edge base, this has springs that run throughout the bed base with no wooden frame outlining them.

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