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Did you know that ‘bed linen’ is not just some arbitrary label and can cover a range of things such as sizes, materials and purposes. For example, did you know that both a comforter and duvet fall under the category of ‘bed linen’? Did you know that most bed linen is available in the absolutely ginormous California King size? Well, not to worry, even if you don’t know a thing about bed linen because here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to use this article to highlight to you what bed linen means, its various uses as well as the huge range of sizes it's available in. By the end of this article we hope you’re equipped to fully know what bed linen is all about as well as what types you might want to invest in.

What does the term ‘bed linen' mean?

Bed linen is a term that comprises all the upper sheets and pillowcases that you use on your bed. 

The types of bed linen available and their meanings

Duvet - a standard for most beds across the country, a duvet is a soft, flat bag that is filled with a natural or synthetic stuffing. It also has a removable cover that can be washed. Its primary purpose is to serve as a means of warmth whilst an individual is sleeping. 

Bedspread - a bedspread is a quilted cover that reaches the ends of the bed and even covers the pillows. It is a lightweight and decorative piece that people can choose whether to add as an extra on their bed or not.

Comforter - a type of sheet that is very common in North America and is usually square/rectangular in shape and stuffed with numerous layers for warmth.

How many sizes is bed linen available in?

Now here’s some really good news! Most bedding is picked based on the size of bed you have (e.g. if you have a king size bed you’ll probably need a king size duvet) and is readily available in whatever size you need. The standard sizes that you’ll most likely come across are single, double, king and super king size.

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