Bed sharing or going solo: whether you should share and what's out there

Most couples tend to share a bed (whether that’s a double or a king size) whereas some prefer to sleep in separate beds. But what if I was to tell you that couples who sleep together experience better sleep and less interrupted sleep cycles? That sleeping in the same bed helps develop a closeness in the relationship? Therefore, we’ve decided to write this blog for you to help you see the numerous benefits that can occur when couples sleep together in the same bed as well as what that could mean for you and your bed buying habits. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into whether or not you need a new and bigger bed for both you and your partner or whether you might prefer to downsize so that you are sleeping by yourself.

Is it better to sleep with your partner in the same bed?

Absolutely! Going to sleep together allows couples some down time to relax with each other which should only help strengthen their bond with each other. Furthermore, researchers in Gemany studied heterosexal couples and found that those couples who slept together experienced a greater time in REM with fewer REM cycle interruptions. REM sleep is the sleep stage where dreams occur and the brain nourishes itself. Although all sleep stages are important, the fact is that REM sleep, and getting enough of it, is vitally important. Sleeping with your SO is more than about your physical health - it also significantly improves your mental health.

Are there any advantages to sleeping alone though?

Yep, not everybody actually wants to share the bed with their SO and that’s okay! Known as a  ‘sleep divorce’, many couples in the past used to sleep separately in separate twin beds and that is an idea that is fast creeping back into fashion. Additionally, some partners may have snoring issues that their other half just can’t tolerate. Furthermore, although most couples might try to go to bed at around the same time, the reality is that all of us have different internal body clocks which dictate when we begin to feel sleepy and at night. Forcing someone to change their schedule will just leave them moody and depressed, the opposite of the conductive sleep you're trying to promote. So, which way works best for you, whether you prefer to sleep with your SO or value your alone time, you’re free to make your night time schedule fit your tastes.

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