Bed Slats Vs Box Spring

Bed slats vs box spring

Often what people think is that they should only have a comfortable mattress, but that won’t give you support if it's placed on the wrong foundation as that can cause it to sag and become indented. When this happens, you can be forced to rest in uncomfortable sleeping positions, which can cause pressure and tension to build up in the muscles, leaving you feeling sore in the morning.

Something just as if not more important than finding the right mattress is choosing a foundation that works for you. This will determine whether you need slats or a box spring which is often difficult. I am going to highlight the pros and cons as well as the differences between the two types of foundations which I am going to be talking about later.

Bed slats are long planks that would be made from solid wood or metal. The slats are located inside of the mattress foundation or bed frame and are spaced 2 to 2.75 inches apart to support the mattress. This is so that it can keep your weight evenly distributed and prevent sinking. Beds slats can be connected to one another from some bed frames that look like a ladder.

The styles are often wrapped in fabric so that they can keep the bed slats together and prevent them from slipping.


Affordable – When manufacturing the slats, they require less material so they are more affordable than a standard box spring. So, when you are purchasing a bed frame that has a slatted foundation with slats that will be placed around 2.75 inches apart, you do not need to purchase a separate box spring. The mattress will mostly be resting on the slats.

Durable – The modern box spring is made from a wooden frame that is wrapped in fabric, which offers some height and truly little support. Slats on the other hand can be more supportive and will ensure that your mattress does not slip or slide.

Easy assembly – The weight on the wooden slats is lightweight and they can be easy to disassemble so that you can move them easier than the heavy, cumbersome box springs.

Airflow – With the slatted foundation the air can circulate freely around the mattress. As the open space will prevent heat retention that can allow the sleeper to remain cool throughout the night.


Sagging – Slats that are spaced more than 2.75 inches apart could cause certain mattresses to sag. E.g., memory foam mattresses should only be used with slats that are not spaced more than 2.75 inches.

Shifting – The bed slats that are not secured properly can either move or fall during the night. This could lead to injuries or damages to the mattress or the bed frame.

Box springs – They can be sold separately from the mattress and the bed frame. The traditional box spring has coil springs for shock absorption and even weight distribution. The springs are designed so they can push against the coil in the innerspring mattress above.


Added height – The bed frame that has a slatted foundation has a low-profile look. Some people prefer a higher bed, box springs are used to elevate the mattress.

Bounce – Box spring has spring coils that can provide a slight bounce when they are paired with an innerspring mattress. A bouncy quality is important that will make sure to keep the features that you should keep in mind.


Difficult to move – Box springs do not collapse or break down for transportation, so it can be awkward and difficult for them to move.

Heavy – Some bed frames may not support the weight of a box spring which will result in damage to the bed frame and mattress

Lack of support – Box springs without spring coils will provide little support. The perimeter of the mattress may be supported, while the middle will not. This will result in sagging and indentions, especially for the mattress with a foam base.

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