Best Colours For Your Bedroom

Best Colours For Your Bedroom


There are countless ways in which you can get a good night's sleep from guided mediation applications, sleep sprays and temperature regulating mattresses. Not only this, but the choice of colour of your bedroom walls play a role too.

Studies have demonstrated that the colour of your bedroom has an important impact on sleep quality as colour have an influence on our emotions and consequently we assign significance and values to them.

Whether you are an early riser and wake up with the enthusiasm to conquer the day or are a night owl and more productive during the late hours of the evening, then the following colours are needed in your bedroom to improve the quality of your sleep.

Calming neutral shades for night owls

Neutral shades of colour will have a calming effect for late sleepers who prefer to lie in and are more active during the evenings. So they require a colour palette that provides a more fresh and tranquil ambience. The colour palette for night sleepers should comprise creamy neutrals, for instance, magnolia, ecru, beige and light pastel shades such as baby pink.

Calming Coloured Bedroom


Refreshing oranges for early birds

Early risers are flooded with energy from the moment they wake up, so the colours of their bedroom should indicate their drive and active nature. The best type of colours would be bright, vibrant and refreshing tones such as zesty oranges, yellow as this can create a more cosier atmosphere and project an optimistic vibe. These types of colours will pair with the person's style of sleeping and better their enthusiastic morning motivation.

Orange Bedroom


Cool blues for anxious sleepers

Restless sleepers who constantly wake up unsatisfied would profit from a more relaxing environment that uses cooler and more earthly shades of the colour spectrum. Consider colours such as mint green and serene blue shades. This colour spectrum is connected to harmony and stability and can promote calmness which is ideal for restless sleepers.

 Blue Bedroom


Greys for deep sleepers

Deep sleepers find themselves sleeping great and undisturbed by external components. They wake up lively and refreshed so this should be reflected in your bedroom colour for a quiet and calm but revitalising environment. Colours such as cool greys and distinct whites will assist with altering your body's role from complete relaxation to a gradual awakening routine as well as starting your day with tranquillity and calmness. Implementing these tones with other calming tones, for instance, gentle deluxe gold will provide a luxurious and wholesome feel to your bedroom.

Grey Bedroom

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