Bedroom ideas when on a budget

Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of just being able to splash out on our deepest desires at a whim. And that includes whatever we may desire for our bedrooms. It's easy enough to flick through a glossy home furniture brochure and think ‘ooh, i'd like to have that’... but we all know the reality is much more different for most of us than that. And that's where this informative blog comes in! We’ve taken a look and realised that people have different expectations as well as different needs for their bedroom furniture. Additionally, most people want to stay within their budget and so we created this blog to help you set up your budget as well as where and what to look for when trying to find bargain price items. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Below we've gone over some of our top tips in regards to what will help spruce up your bedroom without breaking the bank…

Our top tip number one - Some fresh paint will do the job

Did your mind automatically jump to something like chandeliers and fancy wallpaper. No? Well, you’re on the right track. The reality is that paint is overlooked as something that is too boring and simple. The reality is that it can be a complete game changer for any bedroom. For example, just a lick of white paint can instantly leave your room feeling refreshed and look a whole lot more lively.

Our top tip number two -  your lighting really makes all the the difference

It’s something that we are just so used to that we no longer even notice them. Yep, that’s it, your bedroom lights. A bedside lamp can truly be a statement piece if you know what to look for. Get rid of your plain cream lamp and opt for something bold like red or orange to give your bedroom that fresh pop of colour that you never knew it could have.

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