Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress 

There are many different types of mattresses all serving slightly or completely different purposes, some being better for your back pain, others being better in terms of comfort and some mattresses are better suited for different sleeping positions, so choosing the right mattress can be rather tricky if you don’t already know what mattress you want.  

What is a mattress hybrid? 

A mattress hybrid has multiple layers to it that blends memory foam, gel or latex with an innerspring system. A hybrid mattress allows you to feel and experience the sturdiness of a classical spring mattress with the pressure relief that a foam mattress offers. Hybrid mattress are usually very popular as, with most things that are hybrids, they offer the best qualities of the things that they are a blend of.  

What are some benefits of a hybrid mattress? 

  • Comfort 

The layer of foam that is placed on the top layers offers contouring support, hugging and moulding to your body to give you the best support and comfort whilst you sleep.  

  • Edge support 

Hybrid mattress provide great edge support because, of the way the structural spring system is designed. This allows for there to be support throughout the whole mattress even at the corners which means that the overall surfaces that is comfortable to sleep on is increased.  

  • Pain relief 

The pocket-spring and memory foam combination in a hybrid mattress provides pressure point relief throughout your body, especially to the areas of your body that need it the most, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Hybrid mattresses have spring cores which offers structural support that aids in encouraging the proper sleep posture and spinal alignment.  

  • Breathable  

There are some mattresses that get steamy and therefore, become a concern or a complaint when buying or owning a mattress such as the memory foam mattress. However, this no longer has to be a concern with the hybrid, the breathability of the innerspring core allows for a cooler sleeping environment, a cooler sleeping environment means less steam and heat is present.  

  • No poking 

With traditional metal spring mattresses, it is a concern that people have that the metal springs may start poking out of the mattress after it gets a little worn out and becomes older. However, with the hybrid even as they get older and more worn out it is unlikely that you will start to see or feel metal springs poking out as they have layers of memory foam at the top, which will usually stop that process from happening. 

  • Versatile 

Most mattresses don’t allow you to have the freedom of customising your mattress to fit your needs, sometimes there is a mattress that you really like but there is a small part that you would like to change so that it fits you and your needs a little better, with a hybrid mattress you are able to do that. You can choose between a classic innerspring system or pocket-coil springs for your core, you can choose between polyfoam, memory foam, or latex, as your comfort layer, this is a mattress type that really allows for full comfort and efficiency because, of the ability to individually customise your mattress.  

  • Value 

The unlimited number of variations of materials that are available with a hybrid mattress because, of the customisation it allows you to get a great quality hybrid mattress that is best suited for you without leaving a dent in your bank account, hybrid mattresses are relatively cheap mattresses especially for all the great qualities that it has to offer.  

Hybrid mattress are great, cost effective, durable, comfortable and supportive without having to sacrifice any of the other great qualities that it has to offer. Although, the great benefits and qualities that a hybrid mattress has to offer is not limited to the ones listed above, the ones mentioned above were some that were worth mentioning. There is a great hybrid mattress that is both cost friendly and practically with all of the qualities mentioned above with a variation of sizes here

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